The Tempo Studio, one of the best smart fitness mirrors on the market, is $1,000 off

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SAVE UP TO $1,000: As of August 1, a summer merchantability from Tempo offers $100 disconnected the Move compact astute value strategy (now $395) oregon $1,000 disconnected the Studio astute fittingness reflector (now $1,495).

Tempo Move and Tempo Studio

A caller motorboat from Tempo and its AI-powered fittingness tech is changing the crippled of at-home workouts.

On July 30, Tempo released brand caller adaptable regular grooming plans that usage your biometric information (taken from wearables, assemblage scanning, and 3D cameras) to cipher your "Readiness Score" — which gauges however hard your assemblage is prepared to spell that time — and customizes an optimal workout for the time utilizing the Tempo weightlifting bundle you person astatine home. Tempo volition proceed to way your advancement week implicit week, adapting your program successful existent clip for maximum results betwixt the spot trial astatine the opening and extremity of your plan.

If that's not capable of a motion to bring Tempo home, possibly a immense merchantability will: To observe the launch, Tempo is slashing $100 disconnected the Move compact astute value system (now $395) and $1,000 disconnected the Studio astute fittingness mirror (now $1,495).

Tempo Studio — $1,495 $2,495 (save $1,000)

Our favorite astute fittingness mirror for accepted weightlifting, the Tempo Studio is simply a freestanding 42-inch AI-powered show that plays live and on-demand workout classes astatine home and provides real-time feedback connected your form. Workouts coincide with the included weights and retention cabinet. To up the ante to heavier lifting similar seat pressing oregon deadlifting, you'll request to bump up to a pricier Plus oregon Pro bundle — that's wherever this discount comes successful other handy.

The Studio is easy the champion mode to instrumentality vantage of the 2 wide grooming plans that Tempo offers: 1 for maximizing spot and musculus improvement crossed respective musculus groups, and 1 for balancing spot summation with assemblage explanation done cardio and HIIT training.

To shave $1,000 (up to 40%, if you take the cheapest Standard Studio) disconnected your Tempo Studio Package, harvester the automatic $800 discount positive an other $200 discount that conscionable requires an email address. These 2 discounts tin beryllium applied unneurotic and volition beryllium a saccharine cushion for backing your Tempo rank fee.

Tempo Move — $395 $495 (save $100)

Tempo's compact location escaped value strategy includes color-coded dumbbells and adjustable astute value plates that sync up with the Tempo app. Then, each you request is simply a smartphone and a TV to travel AI-powered workouts from your surviving room. The Tempo Move was 1 of our favorite fittingness tech products of 2022.