The best free Harvard University courses you can take for free this month

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TL;DR: Find a wide scope of free online courses from Harvard University connected edX. Learn astir AI, Python programming, crippled development, and overmuch much without spending anything.

You tin go a pupil of Harvard University without leaving the comfortableness of your ain home. That's due to the fact that edX hosts a wide scope of online courses from this famous institution. And amended yet, immoderate of the champion courses are adjacent disposable to instrumentality for free.

You tin find escaped courses connected Python programming, AI, cybersecurity, crippled development, and overmuch more. It's worthy spending immoderate clip checking retired the entire scope of online courses, due to the fact that determination is thing for everyone. There's a batch to consider, truthful we've got you started with a enactment of standout courses.

These are the champion escaped online courses from Harvard University successful August 2023:

Applications of TinyMLCS50's Computer Science for Business ProfessionalsCS50's Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with PythonCS50's Introduction to Computer ScienceCS50's Introduction to CybersecurityCS50's Introduction to Game DevelopmentCS50's Introduction to Programming with PythonCS50's Introduction to Programming with ScratchCS50's Web Programming with Python and JavaScriptData Science: Machine LearningData Science: Productivity ToolsData Science: R BasicsData Science: VisualizationFundamentals of TinyMLIntroduction to Data Science with PythonLeadership: Creating Public ValueLeaders of LearningManaging HappinessRhetoric: The Art of Persuasive Writing and Public SpeakingStatistics and RUsing Python for Research

The drawback is that these escaped online courses bash not travel with a verified certificate of completion. If you truly privation thing to instrumentality connected your CV, you tin person a certificate for a tiny fee.

Find the champion escaped online courses from Harvard University connected edX.

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