Sushi Omakase, Furusato Izakaya, Jakarta

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Sushi Omakase, Furusato Izakaya, Jakarta

Fans of Japanese cuisine are surely acquainted with the word Omakase, this Japanese-style acceptable paper is precise popular, particularly when talking astir premium Japanese-style restaurants. Now, this clip I introduce the omakase acceptable offered by Furusato Izakaya, a Japanese edifice successful Jakarta with a charming vibe. The Japanese ambiance is truly felt successful the entire interior from the crushed level to the 2nd level with a semi-outdoor country and several backstage rooms.

The omakase paper this clip with the conception of sushi dishes served by cook Shinichiro Takada, a genuine Japanese cook who certainly understands Japanese dishes. This acceptable paper is priced astatine IDR 650,000++ per person. The paper served consists of 6 parts of the paper starting from the appetizer, Mackerel Nanbanzuke. Using section ingredients, mackerel fish, marinated with ginger and onions, past fried. Crispy connected the extracurricular and soft on the wrong with the cleanable savory taste.

Then proceed with the sashimi dish, 3 types of food are used namely, Salmon, Baby Tuna, and Grouper. While salmon and tuna sashimi whitethorn be very common, what astir grouper sashimi? This food is acquainted with steam or sweet and sour dishes successful Indonesia, but it turns retired that it tin besides beryllium processed into sashimi, with a distinctive aroma, fibre pieces that are much analyzable than salmon.

Then Chawanmushi, possibly immoderate of you already cognize astir this dish. The sensation of comfortableness with stuffed shrimp, chicken, and mushrooms is really delicious enjoyed portion warm. After that, we conscionable entered the sushi crockery with 10 kinds, starting from Pomfret Fish with Ginger, Calamari with Salted Squid Ink, and Wagyu Aburi. My favourite is the wagyu sushi, the sliced ​​meat looks tempting, the odor of smoky torch, the tenderness, and the close seasoning.

The sushi crockery continued with Mantis Shrimp, Grouper with Yuzu Kosho topping (Fermented chili paste ingredients with yuzu and salt), and Sillago marinated with vinegar and grated ginger topping. Back to using grouper which is identical to Indonesian dishes, but this clip it becomes sushi surely supply a antithetic experience.

Next to sushi dish, Mackerel with Nori and Sesame Seeds, Black Tiger Shrimp, Tamagoyaki Chiffon, and Tako Makisushi Roll. A unsocial sushi dish using mackerel, half-cooked and brushed successful texture. Tamagoyaki chiffon is also attractive with a signifier resembling a chiffon cake, puffy, and a sweet-savory taste.

If usually miso crockery is served astatine the beginning of the acceptable menu, present miso volition beryllium served aft the sushi dish. It whitethorn besides be a crockery for cleansing aft enjoying a assortment of foods. After that, it was followed by dessert, Shiratama Zenzai, reddish legume crockery with chewy mochi.

The omakase acquisition astatine Furusato Izakaya was rather memorable. Enjoying a assortment of dishes made by a existent Japanese cook surely gives an authentic taste. In addition, cook Takada-San besides serves antithetic dishes with a interaction of section Indonesian ingredients, of course, caller and bully quality. Eating omakase nether the terms of Rp 1,000K is surely affordable. Let's find retired Japanese-style premium eating and prime astatine Furusato Izakaya.

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