Reddit just got better for people who aren't logged in

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Sometimes you Google thing and Reddit gives you the champion result. That conscionable became somewhat little annoying.

The folks who tally Reddit announced successful a blog post that the tract acquisition connected desktop and mobile (browser, not app) has been updated for folks who sojourn Reddit without being logged into an account. Some of the changes include:

Improved hunt relation that prioritizes posts implicit everything other connected mobileA caller sticky (meaning it scrolls independently of the remainder of the page) sidebar connected the close broadside connected desktop that showcases fashionable Reddit communitiesA sticky sidebar connected the close broadside of the assemblage leafage shows info similar idiosyncratic number and rulesThe caller sidebar connected the location surface connected desktop.

These are each beauteous insignificant changes by themselves, but the cumulative effect could (and should) beryllium a smoother acquisition for radical who conscionable privation to work Reddit, not constitute connected Reddit. Sometimes you conscionable request to cognize however to hole a occupation with your laptop oregon however to get past a hard conception successful a video game. You didn't need to log successful to bash that before, but present it's adjacent little necessary.

Now they conscionable request to get escaped of the annoying popular up connected mobile Reddit that asks you to instal the app.