Marin Ireland reveals the diva on 'Birth/Rebirth's set

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A female-fronted rotation connected Frankenstein, Birth/Rebirth is simply a double-hander fearfulness offering that stars Marin Ireland and Judy Reyes arsenic 2 mothers devoted to keeping their resurrected kid alive. But portion these unthinkable actresses were moving connected acceptable with co-writer/director Laura Moss to make the unsocial chemistry of this twisted tale, a definite co-star was blithely derailing their shooting docket and ruining the wide vibe. 

"I don't deliberation it's being excessively rude to accidental that Anjali was a full diva," Ireland revealed successful an interrogation with Mashable, conducted up of the SAG/AFTRA strike. "[Working with her] was benignant of a nightmare."

In the frightening film, Anjali plays Muriel, the archetypal trial taxable of the resurrection strategy concocted by coroner Rose (played by Ireland). Muriel is simply a pig, and Anjali was beauteous pig-headed connected set. 

The diva connected Birth/Rebirth's acceptable was a literal pig.Anjali the pig arsenic Muriel successful "Birth/Rebirth."

"I emotion having animals connected set, actually. Even though I cognize you're not expected to similar having animals connected acceptable with you," Ireland reflected, alluding to the showbiz adage "Never enactment with children oregon animals."

She continued: "I emotion animals. And [working with them successful a production], it gives you specified a large consciousness of perspective. You can't truly instrumentality it excessively seriously, due to the fact that they person their needs. And they don't cognize it's a movie. That's benignant of great. It truly keeps anybody from getting excessively precious oregon brainsick oregon whatever. Because you're like, this happening needs to enactment alive. And it's conscionable having fun. We person to marque it happy. But this pig was not into it, and it was hilarious." 

A low-budget accumulation with a tiny formed and constricted settings, 1 tin ideate Moss and her unit were prepped to marque the astir of each infinitesimal connected set. Ireland praised Moss and the producers' thorough preparation, which included rehearsals betwixt herself and Reyes up of the shoot. "We were each truly raring to go," Ireland explained of the commencement of production, "and that was truly nice."

But past came Anjali. 

"There's truthful overmuch footage of america conscionable waiting for the pig to consciousness similar doing what the pig was expected to do," Ireland recalled with a laugh. "There's a infinitesimal erstwhile the pig needed to beryllium sleeping, and that pig had conscionable eaten." Anjali would not prevarication down. "[They had] to grounds this pig conscionable hanging retired wandering astir doing pig worldly for similar an hour, waiting for her to get bushed capable to laic down. It was not cute."

Anjali's diva behaviour didn't extremity astatine making others hold connected her. She besides got assertive with her quality co-stars. "The pig was truthful food-motivated, and it was incredibly smart. And the pig's handlers were truthful lovely," Ireland noted, "but she was truthful food-motivated that Judy's like, 'See, I taught her to sit' [in 1 scene], and she has a Cheerio [to impulse Anjali to sit]. And there's [footage] of the pig biting Judy's ft to effort to get the Cheerio disconnected her. Because [the pig] was like, 'Just springiness maine the fucking food. Don't marque maine bash thing for it.'"

Anjali's antics aside, Ireland remembers the accumulation of Birth/Rebirth as a "great experience." And she concluded, "Sometimes it'd beryllium truthful large and astonishing conscionable to person the pig around, and past sometimes you're like, this pig is, like, not successful the loop."

"We each were like, 'It's gonna beryllium this cute pig!" Ireland said, "and past the pig was not into it."

See Marin Ireland, Judy Reyes, and Anjali the pig successful Laura Moss's Birth/Rebirth, successful theaters Aug. 18.