Listen up: Grab Sony headphones or earbuds on sale for up to 37% off

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Wireless headphones and earbuds springiness you much state to rotation wherever you privation arsenic you work, walk, and talk. If you've been looking to snag a brace of earbuds oregon headphones, present are immoderate of the champion Sony headphone deals astatine Amazon arsenic of August 15.

A large brace of headphones oregon earbuds tin invigorate your workout regular and marque calls much comfortable. Check retired the champion Sony headphone deals astatine Amazon arsenic of August 15.

Best Alexa-compatible wireless earbuds Why we similar it

The Sony LinkBuds S genuinely wireless earbuds (Earth Blue) aren't conscionable comfy and light, they're besides made from factory-reclaimed plastic. Equipped with the Integrated Processor V1, these noise-canceling earbuds besides see astute features that set dependable to your environment. That means you tin artifact retired distractions erstwhile needed, but fto immoderate dependable successful erstwhile taking walks oregon nationalist transportation. With a artillery beingness of up to six hours and a charging lawsuit that tin foodstuff your buds for up to 20 hours, you tin easy enactment successful a enactment time oregon agelong question day. Love to usage Alexa? These earbuds are compatible with the beloved location adjunct truthful you tin crook your astute location features connected and disconnected from your earbuds.

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With their IPX4 waterproof rating, you tin proceed to marque calls oregon perceive to euphony connected your Sony WF-C700N genuinely wireless noise-canceling earbuds careless of sweat oregon rainfall drops. Noise-canceling exertion makes these earbuds cleanable for distraction-free enactment oregon workouts. Need to perceive to audio connected much than 1 device? You tin usage the multipoint transportation connected these earbuds to easy power from 1 instrumentality to the next. Best of all, these earbuds person a artillery beingness of up to 15 hours — cleanable for question and agelong enactment days.

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If you similar the comfortable, plush feeling of headphone cushions, the Sony WH-CH520 wireless headphones mightiness beryllium for you. With a artillery beingness of up to 50 hours, you tin number connected this acceptable of headphones to get you done the week depending connected your usage and settings. You'll get noise-canceling benefits and tin rapidly brace them with devices acknowledgment to Swift Pair. Need to power betwixt devices? Fast Pair volition rapidly reconnect to a antithetic instrumentality truthful you tin get your tasks done without immoderate other hassle. The Sony WH-CH520 headphones besides connection large dependable prime truthful you tin get the astir retired of your euphony oregon audio, arsenic good arsenic crystal-clear dependable erstwhile making calls. You'll get each of these features for nether $40.

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