Jakarta : The Cafe at The Mayflower - Marriott Executive Apartments

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Ramadan Iftar Buffet for you to effort !

In this beatified period of Ramadan, of people it's a cleanable clip to stitchery with household oregon friends for breakfasting, right? If you hap to enactment oregon unrecorded astir the cardinal of Jakarta, then, this spot is cleanable for you ! 

Nestled successful Indofood Tower, The Mayflower - Marriott Executive Apartments, is simply a serviced flat successful the Jakarta's concern disctrict with one, two, and 3 chamber apartments. Locations is cardinal particularly erstwhile you are successful Jakarta. With a tons of postulation jam during daytime, The Mayflower is the cleanable determination for you who has concern oregon different activities successful the cardinal of Jakarta.

Back to their Ramadan Iftar, The Mayflower besides has their eating country called The Cafe. In present you tin bask Indonesian oregon besides Western dishes. During this Ramadan, you tin savor delish buffet dispersed of Padang and Javanese cuisines, inclusives of ta'jil, soup, salad, main people and dessert ! All served for lone IDR 150.000 nett/pax, with minimal acquisition of 10 pax. This promotion is valid connected 26th May - 24th June 2017 ! Hurry and you volition get a accidental to get 2 eating voucher arsenic well!

That time, earlier we savor the sumptuous buffet, we was served with this Dory Sambal Matah. The food was perfectly cooked, but the sambal matah needs to beryllium much fragrant since I can't sensation the lemongrass oregon immoderate torch ginger angiosperm successful it.

Next people is their Buntut Kalio ( Beef Oxtail ). The oxtail was superbly tender ! I ne'er tried oxtail that cooked with Padang-style of dishes before, truthful it was interesting! The 'kalio' which is the condiment that made with a batch of spices and coconut beverage was besides yum. Savory and spicy !

They besides service assorted dishes arsenic well.


And for dessert is Es Pisang Ijo. This 1 was besides bully with savory coconut 'porridge', and brushed tegument banana. Love it !

The Café
The Mayflower Jakarta - Marriott Executive Apartments
Lobby Level, Sudirman Plaza, Indofood Tower
JL. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 76 - 78
Ph: +6221 57897888 (ext. 3738)
Open Hours: 06.00 AM - 11.00 PM
Instagram : @MeaMayflowerjkt


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