Jakarta : Lewis and Carroll Tea Flower Market

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When Tea meets Flowers ! 

For you beverage lovers, possibly you already acquainted with archetypal store of Lewis and Carroll Tea successful Jalan Bumi. Yes, I deliberation they are 1 of the pioneer of doing a tea-house present successful Jakarta. Besides, I besides adore their prime of beverage and besides their plan concept.

Yesterday I've conscionable cognize that they unfastened different store that located successful Grand Indonesia. If you've ever visited Aoyama Flower Tea House successful Tokyo, I deliberation this 1 besides has akin concept. Flower and Tea, what's not to love, close ladies? lols.

Since they're conscionable unfastened yesterday, I deliberation they inactive request truthful overmuch betterment successful presumption of service. The waiters not attentive enough, truthful I benignant of person to hold until immoderate of them looking astatine me. Lewis and Carroll besides had an extended paper now. Something that I didn't cognize about.

They person immoderate Salads oregon All Day Brunch option, but again, since it's inactive their brushed opening, truthful respective paper not available. 

In presumption of interior, well... I deliberation it's bully enough, but since it's excessively minimalist, it wasn't rather inviting for me. Need a lotttt much decor though to marque it much lukewarm and comfy. Maybe due to the fact that inactive connected brushed opening too? 

I came astir 4pm that clip truthful I opted for immoderate dessert and drinks. First I bid their plated dessert menu, Cacaocha - IDR 58.000,-. This is Kyoto Matcha Creme Brulee, Textures of Chocolate and Cashew Feuilletine. The creme brulee was frozen erstwhile it served. And there's different Ice pick arsenic good connected this dish. So astatine archetypal I americium confused which 1 is the crystal pick since some tasted cold. Lols. ( I didn't work the statement connected the paper earlier ) 
But it was bully though, and the crystal pick tasted similar caramel if I'm not mistaken. Those feuilletine 'crumbles' was decidedly the prima connected this dish. Slightly salty which gives a close equilibrium to the different 'sweet'-components.

Cold Brew Sencha - IDR 32.000,-. If you notice, I americium a benignant of idiosyncratic who similar all-things acold brew. So I was rather excited erstwhile I spot this connected the menu. Sencha is simply a benignant of greenish tea, but not the aforesaid with 'Matcha'. Sencha is grown successful afloat sun, and Matcha is grown successful the shades. 
And seriously, this Cold Brew Sencha is truly bully ! Totally refreshing, and amazingly inactive person that 'body' and astringency successful a greenish tea, and immoderate saccharine floral aftertaste! Interesting !

Cappucinno - IDR 42.000,-. Psst... they besides had 'es kopi susu' connected the menu, but yeah... I'm benignant of had capable of it truthful opted for regular capp. Turns out, the java tasted 'bitter' ( those burnt aftertaste ). Didn't cognize whether due to the fact that of the beans oregon the brewing-temperature. I guess... it's amended to instrumentality to their tea. Lolss.

For my 2nd visit, I yet capable to tasted immoderate paper that I've been eyeing before. Lavender Ice Cream by Eskimomo - IDR 42.000,-. Eskimomo owned by a bully person of excavation and I cognize they made delish crystal cream. You decidedly tin tasted the fragrant Lavender aroma successful this crystal cream. Supa emotion it !

Blooming Hot Chocolate - IDR 55.000,-. Aaaaaa really from instagram, I've ever wanted to effort Dominique Ansel's Blooming Hot Chocolate successful Tokyo! But yess present Lewis and Carrol besides had it ! The 'flower' made from marshmallow is truly blooming erstwhile you enactment it connected your blistery chocolate. Soooo cute ! And tasted bully excessively adjacent though the cocoa wasn't that thick.

Blooming 'Winter Blossom' Tea - IDR 40.000,-

Lewis and Carrol Tea Flower Market
UG Floor, Central Department Store,
Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall,
Jalan M.H. Thamrin No.1, Jakarta.
Instagram : @Lewisandcarrolltea


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