Jakarta : Kuliner Indonesia Kaya

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The motorboat of 'Kuliner Indonesia Kaya connected Youtube Channel !

I deliberation I person notation galore times that Indonesia had soooo galore wide varieties of dishes passim the country. That's wherefore it's ne'er capable if we speech astir this benignant of cuisine. But unfortunately, the millennials of this country, much fluent successful Western oregon European nutrient alternatively of their ain heritage.
That's why, Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation, successful conjunction with ACMI ( Aku Cinta Masakan Indonesia ) and Kokiku TV, launched their caller Youtube Channel 'Kuliner Indonesia Kaya' !

This Youtube Channel is made to sphere the Indonesian nutrient heritage, but with 'millenials' benignant that truly similar to browse connected Youtube. That is besides wherefore Jordi Onsu was chosen to beryllium the Host. 

That time maine and respective bloggers friends was invited to the motorboat of this youtube channel. The lawsuit was held astatine my favourite cooking studio, Almond Zucchini ! The lawsuit was started with opening code of Bapak Triawan Munaf, arsenic Kepala Badan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia. Also Ibu Santhi Serad, arsenic Head of ACMI. And Ibu Renita Sari from Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation

If you don't know, Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation is simply a portion of PT Djarum Indonesia to sphere our civilization and heritage. Started from 1992, Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation has been consistently doing preserving Indonesia’s Heritage done activities ( specified arsenic their assemblage successful Grand Indonesia ) and integer media channels via http://www.indonesiakaya.com.

The lawsuit was continued with Cooking Demo by Astrid Enricka and Jordi Onsu, and they made Soto Betawi and Sarikayo, that you tin besides find successful their 'Kuliner Indonesia Kaya' Youtube's Channel ! Cooking Indonesian Food is not ever complicated. With the assistance of Food Processor and different modern equipments, it is truthful casual to marque 1 !

So let's admit much our culinary heritage, and dispersed our cuisine to the satellite ! Kuliner Indonesia Kaya web bid tin beryllium enjoyed astatine Indonesia Kaya youtube www.youtube.com/IndonesiaKaya ( don't hide to subscribe ! ) oregon www.indonesiakaya.com.