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Savor the indigenous Indonesian dishes astatine Kaum !

Looking connected however galore modern Indonesian edifice that are popping up precocious successful Jakarta, truly makes maine happy! I personally deliberation that it's astir clip to leveling up our ain cuisine, breaking the stereotype that Indonesian nutrient are not 'cool', oregon not 'instagrammable' oregon not beauteous successful presentation. Am I right?

I deliberation arsenic an Indonesian, we decidedly person to admit much of our cuisine. We person sooooo galore varieties of dishes and ingredients, and successful fact, Indonesian had 3257 benignant of dishes to beryllium nonstop ! ( According to Profesor Murdijati Gardjito's probe ). And I guess, this is what Kaum wants to bash arsenic their conception of doing a restaurant. 

In Kaum, you volition savor immoderate unsocial dishes from each implicit Indonesia. Something that we wasn't acquainted with or... thing that we ever eat, but with a antithetic twist. So again... I deliberation we person to admit their effort successful doing this benignant of concept. Yeah.... usually we won't admit Indonesian nutrient successful a edifice since we had abundant section thoroughfare nutrient with of course.. cheaper price.

I wholly loveeee their interior though! The abstraction was rather huuugeee with precocious ceiling. Every period they featured antithetic Indonesian artist, and that clip it was an absorbing art-installation by Jompet Kuswidananto. Kaum had a large unfastened barroom connected 1 side, and an unfastened room connected the different side. So I guess, wherever you sit, you volition get a antithetic experience.

For the starter, we opted for Gohu Tuna ( Maluku ) - IDR 78.000,-. Gohu Tuna is simply a crockery that I truly emotion since I'm ever a large instrumentality of earthy food. We usually called this crockery 'Indonesian Ceviche', since the radical successful Maluku doing the aforesaid method of 'cooking' the food with citrus juice. This Gohu Tuna was served beautifully with pomelo, 'kenari' nuts and Indonesian crackers 'kerupuk'. You truly tin sensation the coconut lipid successful this dish, since it's rather lingering successful your mouth. But past your palate was rather refresh by the acidity from pomelo and calamansi juice. It was a cleanable crockery and I'm digging for much !

Next is Lidah Bakar Sambal Tangkil - IDR 85.000,-. This 1 was besides a winning dish! Very tender Beef Tongue ( which usually rather hard to navigator ) with 'sambal' connected top. Bit of vigor won't wounded you, right?

Ayam Berantakan - IDR 65.000,-. Is this crockery is simply a akin crockery to 'Ayam Tangkap' from Aceh ? The chickenhearted was a spot large successful pieces and a spot dry. So I don't deliberation it was marinate good since I can't sensation immoderate spices oregon seasoning successful the chicken. But the topping which is grated coconut, curry leaves, fried ail rather fragrant successful taste.

 Nasi Goreng Cabe Asap - IDR 120.000,-. THIS ONE IS A MUST ORDER ! Seriously, you can't miss this crockery due to the fact that however scrumptious it is ! ( Looks tin beryllium deceiving ) They usage 'smoked chili' to marque this fried rice, truthful you truly tin sensation the smokiness successful 1 wound ! I deliberation this is simply a precise superb idea! The fried atom was cooked with shrimp and stinky beans oregon Indonesian called it 'petai'. Winning crockery for me.

Mie Gomak - IDR 85.000,-. I can't archer overmuch astir this dish, since it's conscionable an good crockery for me.

Ikan Bakar Sambal Dabu Dabu - IDR 150.000,-. The grilled food was caller and nicely cooked. But the dabu-dabu ( Indonesian Salsa ) request much 'punch' successful it. A spot much vigor and a spot much acidity.

Sate Sapi Wagyu Maranggi - IDR 130.000,-. This 1 really was a reallyyy bully maranggi ! Love the equilibrium sensation of the saccharine and the spice, and the beef was rather tender.

Pepes Aneka  Jamur - IDR 55.000,-. Pepes Jamur ( Mushroom wrapped successful Banana Leaves ) is really my each clip favourite dish. But this 1 unluckily didn't conscionable my expectation. Too overmuch coconut, and missing the smokey sensation that you usually recovered successful 'pepes'.

Sambal Selections

And for the dessert, we tried each of 3 desserts that disposable and it was truly bully !
First is Kue Lumpur and Bubur Ketan Hitam - IDR 45.000,-. The champion Kue Lumpur that I've had truthful acold ! The texture was soooo brushed and fluffy, and I emotion the salty saccharine creamy coconut sensation successful it ! The bubur ketan hitam ( achromatic glutinous atom pudding) was perfectly done arsenic well.

 Klappertart - IDR 45.000,-. This 1 is really an Indonesian mentation of breadstuff pudding. It was lukewarm and comforting with hint of 'rhum' successful it.

Lapis Surabaya Selai Nanas Madu -IDR 45.000,-. Not similar accustomed lapis surabaya, this 1 has beardown saccharine pineapple taste! 

drinks !

Kaum Jakarta
Jl. Dr. Kusuma Atmaja No. 77 – 79
Menteng, Central Jakarta

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thu 18.00 – 00.00
Fri-Sat 18.00 – 02.00
Sun 18.00 – 22.00

Instagram : @Kaum_Jakarta


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