Jakarta : Coffee Shop In The Wild Wild West

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Here are my picks for having java successful westbound country of Jakarta !

I've been wanting to bash this benignant of station for a longeeessstt time. But yeah... I was excessively engaged doing this and that, and yet I got clip to bash this benignant of post. Anyway.... for the emotion of coffee, I dedicate this station for you who loves java arsenic overmuch arsenic I am. You know.... since the fig of java shops are increasing much and much successful Jakarta, unfortunately, it's hard to beryllium a 'regular' lawsuit successful 1 store since we ever trying thing new. 

I've been surviving successful the westbound for a mates of months present ( I was unrecorded successful the northbound earlier ), truthful I got clip to research each the java shops around. Well.. West Jakarta is good known arsenic a 'macet' ( high-traffic ) area, truthful that's wherefore I ne'er research this country before. This database is not a curated list, but conscionable a random java shops that I've visited. You tin work my two-cents wrong the database below. Enjoy !

Calibrate Coffee

Considered arsenic a newcomer, but I deliberation they've done beauteous bully successful presumption of coffee. They served multi-roasters beans, from section to abroad.  I've been to this spot mates of times and it's been my favorite. The abstraction is rather immense excessively and well-designed. And oh, you've got to effort their Cheese Tart. Sooooo bully !

Address : Jalan Puri Kembangan No. 9 EF 2nd floor.
Instagram : @CalibrateCoffee

 Say Something Coffee

Well it's owned by a bully person of mine, Izman, who is besides a teacher successful ABCD Coffee. So nary uncertainty astir the coffee, since helium besides roast the beans by himself. You tin find selections of specialty people section java beans here, and keepcup cups. lols. 

Address : Ruko Grand Aries Niaga Blok G1 No. 2-O, Meruya 

Instagram : @SaySomethingCoffee

Manual Brew connected Ice

8th Brew

Located beneath an apartment, amazingly this java store is  superior astir their coffee. The spot was rather petite and not that 'instagrammable', but large java is what we purpose for, right? They utilized immoderate section roasters from Jakarta and Medan, and alteration it regularly. Run by 2 guys that is precise friendly. With a spot that tight, it's rather forces you to interact with each other, isn't it?

Address :
Jalan Pilar Mas Utama Raya Kav. 28, Kebon Jeruk, Tower Milan MI UG 32A.

Instagram : @8thBrew

Common Grounds - Neo Soho

I stake you already acquainted with this brand, right? I benignant of similar the interior compared to the different branches though.  And yes. When it comes to Common Grounds, it means large brunch menu. Coffee? No uncertainty astir it. 

Address :
Neo SOHO Mall, Lantai Ground, Jl. Letjen S. Parman, Tanjung Duren, Jakarta

Instagram : @CommonGroundsJKT

Kalaku Coffee and Company

I've got a comic communicative erstwhile I visited this java shop. When I order, the barista asked maine 'do you similar bitter java oregon much acidity coffee?'. I know.... I get what they mean, but .. I'm conscionable that benignant of idiosyncratic who spot delicate to 'bitter'-coffee. hahaa... Maybe they should inquire 'do you similar much 'body' oregon saccharine chocolatey java oregon much fruity one?'. But turns retired tho, the java was bully ! The beverage was frothed decently truthful its benignant of creaseless successful the mouth. This spot is really a location that revamped to beryllium a java shop. The interior was rather confusing, a premix and lucifer of everything vintage and industrial, and it's rather dark. But... I volition bash a 2nd sojourn conscionable for the involvement of ample parking abstraction and bully coffee.

Address :
Jl. Pesanggrahan No.26, RT.1/RW.7, Kembangan Selatan

Instagram : @KalakuCoffee.jkt


Dancing Goat Coffee Co

Been eyeing connected their instagram for immoderate rather of time, yet I got a clip to sojourn this java shop. The java was bully enough, but thing resonates successful me. 

Address : Ruko Grand Puri Niaga, Jalan Puri Kencana Blok K6/2P, Kembangan Selatan
Instagram : @dgcoffeeco 

Latte, Cappucinno, Apple Pie, Caramel Cake

Three Folks

Another newcomer too, this spot besides served housemade Ice Cream. Coffee was excessively 'weak' for me, truthful I can't remark overmuch astir it. The flavors of the Ice Cream was delish, but the textures needs to beryllium smoother since I inactive recovered immoderate granules of ice. The abstraction was a spot choky arsenic well.

Address : Rukan Aries Niaga, Jalan Taman Aries Blok A1 - 3E., RT.5/RW.9, North Meruya, Kembangan.
Instagram : @three_folks

Ice Drip Coffee, Cappucinno, Granola BowlEarl Grey Macchiato

Simetri Coffee Roasters

I haven't got clip to sojourn their caller spot since they are relocating from the archetypal one. But from my erstwhile visit, they really serves large coffee. The beans are roasted by themselves too. So it's rather absorbing to effort some!

 Address : Jl. Puri Kembangan No.10D, RT.1/RW.8, Kembangan Selatan
Instagram : @SimetriCoffeeRoasters

Manual Brew


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