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New Japanese GastroPub successful SCBD country !

It's not casual to marque maine blown- distant ( successful presumption of nutrient ) since I've been exploring each the eateries successful Jakarta for 7 years now. Lols. Restaurant nowadays conscionable interest with their interior and ambience, and sometimes forgot their prime of products. That's makes maine bored though. I've been passing the clip that I'm truthful bored of eating retired successful a restaurant, truthful I deliberation that is 1 of the crushed that makes maine seldom bash blog-posting these days.

When you constitute a post, there's ever immoderate stories to tell, right? When you recovered lone the same-old, same-old products, what stories/ space that you gonna archer then? But convey God, I deliberation the eating country present successful Jakarta is having a batch much changes lately. There's galore large brands opening up, and radical getting much superior with their food. Let's forgot astir those 'instant-noodles' inclination that for me, personally, ........ its ruining-our-palate and not educating astatine each ! This is the clip to devour bully prime of nutrient !

So maine and my blogger friends acceptable up a clip to sojourn this veryyyy caller restaurant. Around 2 oregon 3 weeks opening clip !  Located successful 18 Parc gathering ( aforesaid gathering country with Bistecca and The Dutch ), location-wise, it's beauteous accessible. The interior is precise minimalist, rather emblematic for a Japanese restaurant. I cannot accidental overmuch astir their interior, since it's not that spacious and there's nary wow-factor successful it. Maybe due to the fact that it's inactive connected progress?

They really unfastened for luncheon and meal time, but they inactive unfastened for customers and served 'transition' paper successful between. We came determination astir 3PM, truthful we tried immoderate paper that lone disposable during that time. First we bid their peculiar drink, Yuzu Ramune - IDR 58.000,-. Did you cognize Ramune??? 
Ramune is 1 peculiar portion that bring backmost memories erstwhile we was a kid. Ramune root connection is 'lemonade', and its really a Japanese benignant of flavored soda. The portion that serves present travel successful a large vessel and cater astir 3 people. I americium a biggg fannn of Yuzu, truthful I decidedly loves this drink! It is decidedly sour, and I deliberation it's lacking that fragrant sensation of a Yuzu. But I inactive emotion it ! Oh they besides person extended drinks paper here. 

For the food, we bid Pork Katsu - IDR 160.000,-. Overall terms present is simply a spot pricey compared to the portion. But... seriously, they present a precise large dishes, truthful I don't mind. The pork katsu was breaded nicely, and the meats was inactive juicy. They served with 2 sauces, 1 is accustomed tonkatsu condiment and different is simply a spot reddish successful color, possibly its similar a bbq sauce? Both of the sauces was large and perfectly paired with the katsu.

Next is Pork Okonomiyaki - IDR 85.000,-. I'm rather amazed due to the fact that they enactment brushed boiled ovum successful the mediate ! Birdman serves modern Japanese Food, truthful that's wherefore determination are immoderate twists successful their dishes. The sauce, the batter and everything was ticking each the close notes, truthful I don't person thing other to accidental but only... yum !!!

 Sliced Gyutan with Kimchi Mayo - IDR 92.000,-. Oh my, this 1 is besides different winning dish! It's rather hard to find a close gyutan crockery present successful Jakarta, but them, yet done it good ! A flimsy smokey charred spirit with extra-umami-ness from the crispy fried garlic, it's perfect. It's not overcooked too, truthful the gyutan was inactive tender and juicy. The kimchi mayo was rather spicy too. A cleanable equilibrium to the sweet- gyutan. Another happening that is missing only.... a vessel of atom ! lols.

 Crispy Chicken Nanban - IDR 52.000,-. From the presentation, obviously, it's not your emblematic chickenhearted nanban isn't it. Served with a skewer, the chickenhearted was decidedly crispy ! Even though it's a large piece, the chickenhearted was juicy and tender enough, with bladed crisp coating. The nanban condiment doesn't tasted similar a regular tartar that is much sour, but  this 1 is rather creamy and egg-y similar mayo. But, IT IS GOOD ! Definitely volition request a 2nd sheet !

18 Parc SCBD, Tower B, Ground Floor,
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav 52-53, SCBD, Jakarta
Instagram : @BirdmanJKT


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