Elliott Smith’s Pre-Solo Band Heatmiser Announce Rarities Compilation The Music of Heatmiser

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Get acceptable to delve into The Music of Heatmiser. The Portland set champion known arsenic Elliott Smith’s pre-solo vocation springboard has announced a caller rarities compilation arriving October 6th via Third Man Records, and a demo mentation of the way “Lowlife” is retired now.

Heatmiser initially distributed The Music of Heatmiser — past a 6-song cassette — astatine section grounds stores and shows to beforehand the set earlier they released their 1993 debut LP, Dead Air. According to co-founding singer-guitarist Neil Gust, this longer bundle — featuring 23 further demos, unrecorded tracks, uncommon versions, and antecedently unreleased songs — came unneurotic acknowledgment to drummer Tony Lash.

“Tony recovered a clump of forgotten recordings and started mixing them and sending them to me,” Gust said successful a statement. “We were struck by the freewheeling vigor of the band; you could perceive however overmuch amusive we were having. In 1992 we could hardly spend the workplace truthful it each had to beryllium done truly fast. When we enactment the cassette together, we wanted it to commencement similar a punch successful the face. That’s ‘Lowlife.’”

Heatmiser has agelong offered Smith fans a look astatine a antithetic broadside of the artist; portion helium famously issued devastatingly quiescent acoustic songs successful his solo career, his erstwhile set played the benignant of quick, electrical indie stone you’d expect from a set successful ’90s Portland. “Lowlife” was formally released connected Dead Air, and its 1992 demo highlights the differences betwixt the 2 acts: thrashing successful and retired successful nether 2 minutes, the way is simply a acold outcry from, say, “Waltz #1.” Check retired its archetypal recording, arsenic good arsenic a 1993 unrecorded show of the song, below.

Pre-orders for The Music of Heatmiser are ongoing. The compilation comes successful what has been a beauteous bully twelvemonth for content-hungry Smith fans: In March, six albums recorded by the creator erstwhile helium was inactive successful precocious schoolhouse surfaced online, and successful April, a 1995 show of “Clementine” from a bizarre Portland greeting amusement went viral.

The Music of Heatmiser Artwork:
the euphony  of heatmiser medium  artwork

The Music of Heatmiser Tracklist:
01. Lowlife (‘92 Cassette)
02. Bottle Rocket (‘92 Cassette)
03. Buick (‘92 Cassette)
04. Just a Little Prick (‘92 Cassette)
05. Dirt (‘92 Cassette)
06. Mightier Than You (‘92 Cassette)
07. Can’t Be Touched (Cavity Search Single)
08. Wake (Cavity Search Single)
09. Stray (Cavity Search Single)
10. Dead Air (Demo)
11. Sands Hotel (Demo)
12. Mock Up (Demo)
13. Cannibal (Demo)
14. Candyland (Demo)
15. Still (Demo)
16. Man Camp
17. Laying Low
18. Bloody Knuckles
19. Father Song
20. Glamourine
21. Meatline
22. Revolution
23. Black Out (Live On KBOO)
24. Bottle Rocket (Live On KBOO)
25. Dirt (Live On KBOO)
26. Still (Live On KBOO)
27. Candyland (Live On KBOO)
28. Don’t Look Down (Live On KBOO)
29. Lowlife (Live On KBOO)