DJ White Shadow to join Joel Madden on Ep. 31 of Artist Friendly

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Artist Friendly is backmost for different occurrence this week. Following conversations with Ashton Irwin of 5SOS, Jami Morgan of Code Orange, and Sophie Powers, DJ White Shadow volition articulation Joel Madden connected the latest occurrence of the podcast.

The shaper is champion known for moving with Lady Gaga, including the 2011 popular blockbuster Born This Way and its follow-up ARTPOP. Additionally, DJ White Shadow worked connected the soundtrack for the 2018 movie A Star Is Born alongside Gaga, yet winning a Grammy for his publication successful 2020.

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You’ll beryllium capable to perceive to their speech connected Artist Friendly erstwhile it hits streaming wherever you perceive to podcasts this Wednesday. Before it arrives, marque definite you’re caught up connected each the episodes of Artist Friendly here and proceed checking Alternative Press for much announcements and exclusive contented related to the podcast.