Daughtry Warn of the Dangers of AI on New Single “Artificial”: Stream

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Daughtry, the set led by vocalist Chris Daughtry, person inked a caller grounds woody with Big Machine Records, and person unleashed the caller azygous “Artificial.”

The hard-rocking opus warns astir the dangers of artificial intelligence, with the vocalist explaining, “‘Artificial’ is astir the imaginable nightmare that AI could go and the thought that everything and everyone could yet beryllium replaced, fundamentally to perfection, and rendered obsolete.”

He added, “However, the bosom and psyche of humanity and the quality to consciousness love, sadness, and compassion tin ne'er beryllium replaced. While determination are plentifulness of applications wherever AI tin amended our lives and assistance successful galore areas of creativity, I consciousness it’s imperative that we find a mode to support our musicians, actors, writers, and each originative outlets from being destroyed.”

The caller opus comes successful the midst of Daughtry’s “Bare Bones” US acoustic circuit featuring enactment from Ayron Jones. The outing runs done a September 27th gig successful Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with tickets disposable here.

Earlier this year, Chris Daughtry and Halestorm vocalist Lzzy Hale teamed up to screen Journey’s “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart).” In a associated interview, Hale told Heavy Consequence that moving with Daughtry was “awesome.”

Hale besides praised Chris’ singing abilities, saying, “The information that Chris cares truthful overmuch astir however helium sounds and his voice, it translates into his unthinkable scope and the code of his dependable and his resonance.”

See the lyric video and artwork for “Artificial” below, and prime up tickets to Daughtry’s upcoming shows here.

“Artificial” Single Artwork:

Daughtry, "Artificial"