Carissa’s Wierd’s Jenn Champion Announces New Album The Last Night of Sadness

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It’s been astir 30 years since Jenn Champion archetypal began illuminating the darker sides of beingness with her songcraft and, now, the erstwhile Carissa’s Wierd vocalist is backmost with a caller album. Entitled The Last Night of Sadness, the grounds is owed connected October 13th. Listen to the caller pb single, “Famous” below.

The Last Night of Sadness has been a task 3 years successful the making, and is the travel up to Champion’s 2018 record, Single Rider. With 12 caller songs exploring the quality information successful the less-than-ideal conditions of the modern world, the medium — arsenic good arsenic the Kickstarter that funded its autarkic merchandise — committedness that Champion’s penning is arsenic candid and resonant arsenic ever. “I’ve struggled with being live and warring to enactment that way, and it is hard to enactment that feeling into words, but connected this record, I’ve truly captured it,” Champion wrote connected the Kickstarter page.

The single, “Famous,” supports this theme, exploring everything from absent fathers to teen traumas, therapy, the decease of Cliff Burton, the clip Kim Kardashian mislaid an earring, the difficulties of fame, and more. “I wanted to marque a opus astir coming to presumption with fame versus success, and what it feels similar to recognize I person what I want,” Champion explained successful a statement. “As an artist, sometimes it feels similar fame and occurrence are utilized interchangeably, and implicit the people of my vocation successful music, I’ve seen however fame tin bring with it each this wealth and opportunity, but is besides a gilded cage.”

Continuing, Champion explained that the opus archetypal came to her during a greeting run, and seemed to articulate however she felt astir the changes successful her beingness astatine that time. “I looked retired implicit the metropolis and I had to propulsion retired my telephone and commencement writing,” she said. “I’ve gone done a reset of my priorities successful the past fewer years, and this opus and this medium are astir the travel done existential dread that has maine wherever I americium now.”

The Last Night of Sadness arsenic a full seems to thin into the taxable of uncovering solace successful the difficulties of life. According to the property release, erstwhile asked what she wanted to explicit with the medium arsenic a whole, Champion responded: “Suffering. And what a occurrence it is to beryllium alive.”

Going further, she clarified that, contempt the title, the medium is little astir “sadness” unto itself, and much astir honestly expressing her experience. “I’ve ever been capable to beryllium susceptible successful my music, but with these songs and what I was feeling, I wanted to support this medium pure,” she said, highlighting the value of giving herself space, musically, to convey those feelings. “‘Sadness’ is successful the title, but this is the astir assured grounds I’ve ever made. I took distant each the places I could hide.”

The Last Night of Sadness is retired connected October 13th, and is disposable to pre-order via Bandcamp. Watch the lyric video for “Famous” below.

The Last Night of Sadness Artwork:

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The Last Night of Sadness Tracklist:
01. Famous
02. Graves
03. 28
04. Good News Bad News (we’re each gonna die)
05. Love Song (think astir it)
06. Think About It (the turn)
07. Millionaires Interlude
08. Millionaires (feat. Murder Dice)
09. Well Played
10. Breathing
11. Jessica
12. Happy Birthday