Candlebox Premiere New Song “What Do You Need” Featuring Mona’s Nick Brown: Stream

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Candlebox are acceptable to unveil their last workplace album, The Long Goodbye, connected August 25th. With the merchandise day little than 2 weeks away, the Seattle vets are premiering the azygous “What Do You Need” featuring Mona’s Nick Brown.

The opus is structured astir a strutting riff and sees Candlebox indulging their hard stone and blues influences. The way was co-written alongside Brown and besides features his impermanent vocals.

Speaking exclusively with Heavy Consequence regarding the track, Candlebox’s Kevin Martin called “What Do You Need” arguably his favourite Candlebox opus to day and besides offered up details connected the collab with Brown.

“When the accidental arose for maine to enactment with Nick, I knew instantly what I was going to get from this opus and precisely however overmuch I was going to emotion it,” Martin mused. “I’ve been a instrumentality of Nick’s and Mona for a agelong time, and I’ve ever admired wherever helium comes from arsenic a lyricist and songwriter. … ‘What Do You Need’ mightiness beryllium my favourite opus connected The Long Goodbye and possibly adjacent my favourite Candlebox opus to date!”

Brown added, “Being capable to constitute and collaborate with Kevin was a large experience. It’s ever bully to enactment with idiosyncratic who has creator integrity but besides has his eyes wide unfastened connected wherever popular civilization is going. This opus was a sentiment that everyone with a stone and rotation bosom has: ‘Don’t budge, beryllium yourself & ASK MORE QUESTIONS?'”

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Currently, Candlebox are successful the midst of a farewell circuit supporting 3 Doors Down. The jaunt picks backmost up Wednesday (August 16th) successful Orange Beach, Alabama, and you tin get tickets via Ticketmaster oregon StubHub.

Stream “What Do You Need” below, and pre-order The Long Goodbye here.