Wolfgang Van Halen’s Mammoth WVH Unveil New Song “I’m Alright”: Stream

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Wolfgang Van Halen‘s Mammoth WVH person shared the video for “I’m Alright,” the latest azygous from the upcoming Mammoth II full-length, retired Friday (August 4th).

The five-minute way is simply a propulsive hard rocker highlighted by a beardown vocal show from Wolfgang. He shows disconnected his soulful broadside here, extending notes and hitting immoderate awesome melodic vibratos. And arsenic we’ve travel to expect from Wolfgang and his band, there’s plentifulness of surging guitars and stadium-ready chords.

“’I’m Alright’ is the azygous that is coinciding with the medium release,” explained Wolfgang successful a property release. “I deliberation it’s truly comic that the lyrics are rather aggravated but delivered done the lens of benignant of a comfy stone song. If determination ever was an anthem for myself astir lasting up for what I judge I should beryllium doing — arsenic opposed to what radical expect — this is surely that song.”

The video continues the humorous “Battle of the Bands” storyline that was established successful the anterior videos for “Don’t Back Down” and “Another Celebration astatine the End of the World,” gathering a escaped communicative astir pristine show footage. Keep an oculus retired for a cameo from Wolfgang’s mother, histrion and cook Valerie Bertinelli.

Mammoth WVH conscionable kicked disconnected their tour with Alter Bridge and volition beryllium backmost onstage Wednesday (August 2nd) successful Asbury Park, New Jersey. Wolfgang and institution volition besides beryllium supporting Metallica’s M72 US circuit dates successful the weeks ahead, and headlining their ain tour with enactment from Nita Strauss this fall. Get tickets to Mammoth WVH’s upcoming shows here.

Pre-order Mammoth II connected vinyl here, and ticker the video for “I’m Alright” below.