The Hermitage, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Jakarta

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The Hermitage, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Jakarta

Cool abrogation this clip I enactment astatine The Hermitage Hotel successful the Central Jakarta area. This edifice has ever been 1 of my favorites with a classical and vintage consciousness due to the fact that the edifice gathering is afloat of history. The determination is successful the Menteng area, and the ambiance is calmer distant from the hustle and bustle. The gathering is white, from the exterior to the interior. The classic style is evident passim the hotel, the ornaments and decorations are utilized to give an ambiance of taking america backmost to aged times.

The astonishing broadside of the lobby is the enchanting staircase which is 1 of the champion photograph spots. The edifice area, it is beauteous compact, like a boutique edifice with a luxurious and elegant feel. I volition present the room this clip the Studio Suite. The country is rather ample with an country of ​​50 sqm, equipped with a surviving room, king bed, ablution room, and bathtub facing the window.

Take a look comfy ambiance with the ascendant white color, classical sofas, chairs and tables, signifier colour carpets, and immoderate Indonesian touch decorations. The bath country is spacious, clean, and tidy, past the dressing table and descend successful a vintage benignant are truly beautiful, it feels similar a European-style house. Bathtub successful the country of the room, you tin bask a relaxed ambiance portion looking astatine the scenery outside.

This 5-star modular edifice is of people equipped with gym facilities and besides a swimming excavation connected the apical floor. In addition, determination are several edifice areas specified arsenic 1928 which is all-day eating with a charming interior concept, past La Vue Rooftop Bar, the sensation of enjoying a dining acquisition portion looking astatine the presumption of the metropolis of Jakarta from a height. To unbend successful the day oregon bask delicious cocktails, you tin spell to the Hermitage Lounge, a classical man conception that is precise absorbing for chill and photos. There is besides a Courtyard area, but it hasn't been operational for a while astatine the clip of my visit. Usually, this country tin besides beryllium utilized for private events.

The acquisition of staying astatine The Hermitage Hotel is always memorable. A classic-style edifice with a charming interior offers a affable and comfortable staycation experience. In addition, you tin besides bask Guardian services similar a butler who volition ever assistance with accusation and needs portion at the hotel, convey you to Clara who lends immoderate accusation astir the hotel. Lastly, for Studio Suite country terms info starting from IDR 2,200,000 ++.

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The Hermitage, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Jakarta

Jl. Cilacap No.1, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat,

Tel: +6221 319 26888