The 9 best Squarespace templates for writers, authors, and journalists

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Need a tract for your penning portfolio? Trying to pull caller freelance clients? These templates are the ones you'll request to cheque out.

Haley HenschelTimothy Beck Werth

 Aug. 16, 2023

The 9 champion  Squarespace templates for writers, authors, and journalists

Best for freelance writers

Myhra is pre-enabled with Squarespace's premium Members Area tool, which makes it casual to monetize your penning extracurricular of client-specific projects.

The Good

Pre-enabled with Squarespace's premium Members Area feature Fade-in effect arsenic you scroll Interesting usage of antagonistic abstraction connected desktop Lots of calls to action

The Bad

Demo contented would look mode cleaner with sans-serif fonts for the assemblage substance and menu

The Bottomline

Feature-rich and functional.

Best for a idiosyncratic website/CV

This bold, one-page portfolio template tin easy beryllium turned into a integer destination for your résumé and clips.

The Good

One-page design Super scrollable Delivers the "wow" origin without a ton of imagery

The Bad

Could usage a conception for a headshot

The Bottomline

Simple but statement-making.

Best for selling a book

With a built-in store and dedicated sections for reviews and an writer bio, making a tract with Manual should beryllium your archetypal determination close aft securing a publication deal.

The Good

Mobile-friendly typefaces Rise animation effect arsenic you scroll Could easy beryllium a one-page site

The Bad

Drop-down paper connected mobile seems unnecessary

The Bottomline

Contemporary and clear-cut.

Best for blogging

Featuring a beardown ocular hierarchy, Mérida makes it casual to plan and signifier a modern integer publication.

The Good

Anyone who uses Dark Mode volition emotion the white-on-black formatting Good equilibrium of substance and images Fade-in animation effect arsenic you scroll done grid of posts

The Bad

Blurbs successful the "featured posts" conception are beauteous adjacent unneurotic connected mobile

The Bottomline

Posh and professional.

Best for poesy and fanfic

Prefer self-publishing implicit platforms similar Tumblr, Wattpad, and Medium? Intimidated by Wattpad? Use Harman to make a minimalist, ad-free tract wherever your musings tin live.

The Good

Very casual to acceptable up — nary request to messiness astir with fancy settings/effects Calming colour palette

The Bottomline

Simple and scrollable.

Best for a publication tour

Vandam's demo tract was designed with bands successful mind, but it'll enactment conscionable arsenic good for authors who are trying to merchantability their book(s) and tickets to readings oregon signings.

The Good

Built-in store Very mobile-friendly Could easy beryllium a one-page site Fade-in animation effect connected photos

The Bad

Boring colour scheme

The Bottomline

Elegant and engaging.

Best for a copywriting portfolio

Degraw is an inviting portfolio template that intelligibly lays retired your worth proposition and services amid tons of calls-to-action.

The Good

Great signifier connected the Contact page Pre-made blog Good equilibrium of substance and images Fade-in effect connected immoderate assets

The Bad

Sans serif typefaces would beryllium amended for mobile

The Bottomline

Friendly and informative.

Best for plan lovers

For writers who attraction astir aesthetics, Agaro is simply a colorful and design-forward website template.

The Good

Bright and beauteous colors Creative accents Great for some agencies and freelance writers Easy to customize

The Bad

Requires tons of transcript and images Design whitethorn beryllium excessively bold Hero representation appears beneath the fold

Best for ocular storytellers

Are you a multimedia storyteller? Then this Squarespace template for photographers could really beryllium the cleanable mode to showcase your work.

The Good

Photo-forward design Minimalist template Headshot photograph appears supra the fold

The Bad

Not made specifically for writers May necessitate immoderate customization

If you’re a writer, what benignant of website bash you need? The reply depends a small connected what benignant of writer you are. A publication author, for example, needs a precise antithetic benignant of website than a freelance copywriter. 

That’s wherefore we emotion Squarespace arsenic a website gathering and hosting service: It allows writers to physique stunning, personalized websites to acceptable their needs comparatively easy — and you don’t request immoderate coding acquisition astatine each to bash it. All you person to bash is find the close template.

What kinds of templates does Squarespace offer?

Squarespace templates are organized into "families," with each template being a saltation connected a template household (such arsenic "Brine"). Most Squarespace templates let users to bash immoderate basal things, similar make pages, blog posts, oregon galleries of images. You tin besides customize immoderate template’s plan to marque it consciousness similar your own. That said, determination are immoderate features and parameters connected templates that can't beryllium adjusted due to the fact that of however they’re designed. That’s wherefore it’s important to prime the close template for your goals. (Of course, you tin ever alteration templates down the roadworthy — but it’s easier if you prime the close template to statesman with.)

What should I look for successful a template? 

If you’re a freelance writer looking to find editors to prosecute you, you'll privation a bully portfolio template. If you’re a published writer who wants to enactment connected with your readers and fans, possibly opt for a one-page tract wherever you stock your bio and info astir your upcoming publication releases oregon events. If you’re a newsman looking to people a longform piece, meanwhile, you mightiness privation an interactive, highly customizable page. And here's a tip: earlier choosing a template that's photo-heavy, support successful caput that you'll request photographs to populate it. If you don't request oregon person photos to amusement off, you'll privation to prime a template that's much astir text, specified arsenic Foundry (below). But if you inactive privation to spell the ocular route, you tin besides ever find photos connected banal representation sites specified arsenic Pexels.

To assistance marque this each a small spot easier, present are immoderate of our favourite Squarespace templates for writers:

Versatile, classical plan • Easy navigation

Needs beardown imagery to enactment • Headers aren’t customizable

While not needfully designed for writers specifically, this versatile template tin enactment good for a assortment of antithetic kinds of writers’ goals.

1. Bedford

This versatile template is simply a writer’s champion friend, with the capabilities to beryllium an fantabulous writer page, portfolio, promotional site, blog — oregon each of the above.

Bedford isn’t needfully the archetypal template you’d deliberation of erstwhile designing a writer’s template — it’s usually a favourite for businesses — but it’s really a precise bully general-purpose template. It features an intuitive layout, a blog, elemental navigation and it scrolls nicely. You tin see antithetic sidebar contented connected each leafage and acknowledgment to its headers, you tin easy gully attraction to featured posts. For a writer, the template is customizable capable truthful that you tin usage the template to physique a portfolio of your work, an writer page, oregon beforehand your upcoming publication launch. It besides works good arsenic a longform journalistic template for a reported article. 

Stacking, single-page plan • Scrolling • Modern, sleek plan • Doesn’t trust connected imagery to marque an impact

Somewhat constricted successful customizations

This one-page template is simply a large prime for published writers looking to marketplace themselves to their readers.

2. Sofia

This one-page template is simply a large prime for published writers looking to marketplace themselves to their readers

If you’re a published author, you mightiness not request your tract to bash overmuch but merchantability you. If that’s what you’re looking for, Sofia is simply a large choice. Thanks to its scrolling, one-page layout, the absorption of this layout truly is connected you, allowing you arsenic the writer to present yourself and your work, similar an interactive biography. The clean, modern layout besides doesn’t necessitate a ton of high-quality photography to look bully either — cleanable if you’re much of a wordsmith than a photographer. It’s besides casual to nexus to your societal media accounts and show praise, reviews and testimonials astir your work. 

User affable • Sleek, modern plan • Features a blog

Not arsenic flexible arsenic different templates

Avenue is 1 of Squarespace’s classical portfolio templates for bully reason: it’s sleek, elegant and engaging.

3. Avenue

Avenue is 1 of Squarespace’s classical portfolio templates for bully reason: it’s sleek, elegant and engaging.

Avenue is 1 of Squarespace’s older template designs, but it’s stuck astir this agelong due to the fact that of its classic, timeless design. While it is connected the simpler side, the grid layout is cleanable for a journalist’s oregon copywriter’s penning portfolio. It has a clean, casual to usage navigation, features ample images, and it has a blog with right-side navigation. 

Flexible • Stunning Design • Index leafage • Parallax Scrolling

No sidebars • Requires beardown visuals

A subordinate of the Brine family, Mercer is simply a versatile template that brings the wow factor.

4. Mercer

A subordinate of the Brine family, Mercer is simply a versatile template that brings the wow factor.

If you’re a longform writer who’s been moving connected an in-depth project, you privation a template that helps archer your story. With one-page scrolling (and parallax scrolling), Mercer tin bash that for you. You tin make banners and stack blocks of content, including photography, videos oregon audio clips, successful an easy-to-read scrolling layout. Navigation is elemental and the wide consciousness of the template is cleanable and sleek.

Category tags • Grid layout • Special navigation arrows • Text focused

Asymmetrical look lone works with antithetic sized-images • No ‘feature’ spot for blog posts truthful each posts look the same

Highly customizable and a nicely designed mag layout, Tudor is simply a coagulated template prime for writers who privation a blog to beryllium a salient portion of their site.

5. Tudor

Highly customizable and nicely designed, Tudor is simply a coagulated template prime for writers who privation their blog to beryllium a salient portion of their site.

Tudor is an easy customizable template that puts substance first, acknowledgment to its mosaic-style blog layout. It besides features loading animations for that other wow factor. 
This template is peculiarly bully for prolific bloggers that constitute astir aggregate topics due to the fact that posts tin beryllium categorized, allowing for visitors to easy find posts connected a definite topic. There is besides a advancement indicator truthful readers tin get a consciousness of however acold on successful the station that they are. 
One imaginable downside, though, is that each blog posts look much oregon little the aforesaid connected the blog landing leafage due to the fact that determination is nary “feature” spot to item oregon gully peculiar attraction to a peculiar piece. This is simply a drawback for writers who privation to item a caller oregon favourite post.

Scrolling layout • Simple plan • Flexible

Blog landing leafage is simplistic

For the published writer that wants to beforehand their upcoming publication motorboat oregon tour, Cruz is simply a blase template option.

6. Cruz

For the writer who wants to beforehand their upcoming publication motorboat oregon tour, Cruz is simply a blase template option.

For a template that tin beryllium some an writer leafage and a promotional site, Cruz is simply a large option. While the template was primitively designed with bands successful caput (hence the "music/bands" you'll spot astatine the supra link), it works arsenic good for authors looking to merchantability themselves, their books, and their upcoming publication tour/events to their fans. It features a one-page scrolling layout, a stacking scale with antithetic colour backgrounds, and casual navigation. It besides allows you to stock upcoming events with your assemblage — a adjuvant instrumentality if you’re astir to caput retired connected the roadworthy (or virtual "road") promoting a recently released book.

Text-focused • Clean plan • Built-in Social icons

If you privation the absorption to beryllium solely connected your words, past this is the template for you due to the fact that its default blog leafage features nary images astatine all.

7. Foundry

If you privation to support the absorption solely connected your words, this is the template for you.

Squarespace emerged astir the aforesaid clip the net was getting overmuch much visual. So, astir templates connected Squarespace trust connected astatine slightest immoderate bully photography for the plan to enactment — but if photography truly isn’t your beardown suit, oregon you don’t consciousness similar utilizing a clump of banal imagery connected your blog, past this is the template for you. The plan is centered astir substance instead, with a mosaic-style grid of blog posts. 

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