Speedy Ortiz Share New Song “Ghostwriter”: Stream

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Speedy Ortiz person unveiled “Ghostwriter,” different look astatine their upcoming album Rabbit Rabbit. Listen to the azygous below.

As a nu-metal homage, “Ghostwriter” finds Sadie Dupuis seething with rage — a tenable absorption to this summer’s boiling heat, and what that means for the aboriginal ahead. Rather than breaking stuff, however, the bandleader tries to find a much productive release.

“While ‘Ghostwriter’ ruminates connected the horrible realities that stoke my choler — successful this song’s case, the decease of our clime and the criminalization of biology protesters — it’s besides astir trying to unrecorded with little rage successful the day-to-day,” Dupuis explained successful a statement. “And not ever succeeding, but not getting huffy astir that, either. And sometimes directing that aggravated adrenaline toward affirmative actions.”

Dupuis continued, “My bandmates picked ‘Ghostwriter’ arsenic a single, possibly due to the fact that it subtly nods to our unabashed emotion of nu-metal. It was truly amusive to reunite with Alex Ross Perry aft shooting unneurotic for his Pavement movie past fall, particularly the portion wherever we subjected him to truthful precise galore Deftones and Limp Bizkit videos for inspiration. The large Josh Gondelman improvised astatine slightest a twelve bully ‘nu metallic screen band’ pun names for the intro, which made it hard to support a consecutive look arsenic our nu metallic show Pleasantville-ifies our assemblage of friends into the astir immaculate Hot Topic c. 2003 getups.”

Check retired the euphony video for “Ghostwriter” below. It features cameos from comedians Josh Gondelman and Emily Panic; musicians Ted Leo, Spencer Peppet (The Ophelias), Nicola Leel (Doe/Customer), Kate Meizner (Jobber), Zoë Brecher (Sad13/Bruce Springsteen); authors Rax King, Amy Rose Spiegel, and merritt k; New Yorker cartoonist Jason Adam Katzenstein; and more.

“Ghostwriter,” similar earlier releases “Scabs,” “You S02,” and “Plus One,” previews Rabbit Rabbit, Speedy Ortiz’s archetypal medium successful 5 years. The grounds arrives September 1st via Dupuis’ Wax Nine, and pre-orders are ongoing.

Come September, Speedy Ortiz instrumentality to the roadworthy for a lengthy North American tour. Grab tickets to a amusement here.