Siiickbrain debuts anxiety-inspired anthem “Die Quietly”

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Siiickbrain is preparing to unleash a batch much euphony this year.

Today, she shared her caller single, “Die Quietly,” which comes with a euphony video that AP is exclusively premiering. Following collaborations with Skrillex, WILLOW, and Maggie Lindemann, the way peels backmost different furniture of the alternate creator and comes from her upcoming debut medium that arrives this fall.

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“Die Quietly” slips into a head-nodding bushed arsenic Siiickbrain sings of the debilitating feeling that consumes her erstwhile she experiences anxiety. The chopped is simply a departure from her screamo blasts, opting for an attack that mesmerizes alternatively than pummels and puts greater accent connected her lyrics. Meanwhile, the ocular takes spot astatine the Orange County County Fair arsenic she hangs retired successful skeleton makeup.

“‘Die Quietly’ is astir the petrifying feeling of being taken implicit by a panic attack,” Siiickbrain tells AP. “Oftentimes during a panic attack, I consciousness similar thing is incorrect physically — a feeling of impending doom, similar I’m going to die. ‘Die Quietly’ alludes to the feeling of dealing with anxiousness upset portion going astir regular life.”

See the video for “Die Quietly” below.