Shark expanded its hair tool lineup and it looks like we may have more dupes on our hands

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The happening astir Shark is that they're a vacuum institution that knows however to marque a bully quality dupe.

Between the FlexStyle hairsbreadth styler (aka the Dyson Airwrap successful a somewhat antithetic font) and the HyperAIR (a Dyson Supersonic-esque hairsbreadth dryer), the marque has travel retired beardown successful offering high-end hairsbreadth tech astatine a much affordable price.

Which is wherefore with the merchandise of 2 caller quality tools connected Aug.15 — the Shark SmoothStyle and the Shark SpeedStyle — our archetypal question is can they Kirkland could these beryllium caller dupes? We took a person look to find out.

What precisely is the Shark SmoothStyle?

We'll chopped to the pursuit — the SmoothStyle looks similar a leveled-up Revlon One-Step. Basically, it's a circular blistery aerial brushwood with immoderate other features, but it does retail for $99.99. Compared to the One-Step's $59.99 MSRP, this mightiness not look similar a beardown selling constituent for the SmoothStyle, but Shark does person an edge.

Could this really beryllium the all-in-one blistery aerial brushwood we've been waiting for?

First of all, the One-Step volition fry your hairsbreadth without remorse. It gets hot, and that's wherefore it's particularly important to usage it connected mostly adust hairsbreadth to decorativeness disconnected your styling (which is honestly the lawsuit with astir blistery aerial stylers). Basically, it's not the all-in-one dryer and styler we each thought it was erstwhile it archetypal came out.

The Shark SmoothStyle, however, has circumstantial "Wet Hair" and "Dry Hair" modes, for well, styling bedewed and adust hair. In different words, Shark seems to beryllium trying to really marque the merchandise we each thought the One-Step was.

Here's however it works: When you commencement with adust hair, the SmoothStyle has 3 preset aerial temperatures to instrumentality your hairsbreadth from bedewed to dry. Once it's dry, the blistery air's infinitesimal is over, and you'd usage the SmoothStyle similar you would a thermal brush, with the 1 preset heated smoothing comb setting. The comb has ceramic-coated plates, which are aimed astatine reducing vigor harm (on level irons, ceramic is the astir affable to damaged hair).

Basically, it's similar blistery aerial brushes, which tin scope from Revlon's $59.99 brushwood to Drybar's $155 brush, and the Amika Blowout Babe Thermal Brush (which retails for $100 and is astir ever sold out) had a baby. While it whitethorn not beryllium immoderate brush's one-to-one dupe, it does springiness multi-functionality for conscionable $99.99.

Shark SmoothStyle

The Shark SpeedStyle mightiness beryllium the caller reigning Supersonic dupe

Based connected the looks alone, the Shark SpeedStyle looks similar it mightiness beryllium going for a BioIonic 10X UltraLight Speed dupe this clip around. Plus, some person "speed" successful the name. Starting astatine $179.99, the SpeedStyle already has a dupe-worthy terms to the BioIonic's $299, but there's much to the picture.

Of people Shark's going to bring the vigor with the attachments.

Yes, we're talking attachments. This is Shark, the champion Dyson dupe artisan retired there, aft each — of people determination are attachments. For that aforementioned $179.99, you tin prime your prime of 2 betwixt the six chiseled attachments Shark offers, which see the Express TouchUp brush, the DefrizzFast Diffuser, the Turbo Concentrator, the QuickSmooth brush, the Lift & Stretch Wide Tooth Comb, and the RapidGloss Finisher.

For $199.99, you tin opt to bargain the SpeedStyle for curly & coily hair oregon the SpeedStyle for consecutive & wavy hair — some travel with 3 attachments champion suited to those hairsbreadth types.

As a reminder, the Dyson Supersonic retails for $429.99 and comes with 5 attachments. Compared to the Shark HyperAIR (one of our existent apical dupes for the Supersonic), the SmoothStyle's attachments look much similar nonstop analogues to the Supersonic's. For instance, the RapidGloss finisher looks an atrocious batch like, and promises a show akin to, the Dyson flyway attachment.

The SmoothStyle besides retains the heat-adjusting IQ of the HyperAIR, has 1700 watts of powerfulness to the HyperAIR's 1680 watts, arsenic good arsenic 5 full vigor settings and 3 airflow settings to the HyperAIR's 4 vigor and 4 airflow settings. And it's $25 cheaper than the HyperAIR.

In summation to Dyson, Shark seems to person duped itself.

Shark SpeedStyle

Where to bargain the SmoothStyle and SpeedStyle

As of Aug. 15, some tools are disposable connected According to the brand, they'll beryllium disposable astatine home and planetary retailers starting aboriginal autumn 2023.