Scowl appear on the cover of Alternative Press’ Fall 2023 Issue

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Observing the question that is dense euphony and the hardcore country crashing down connected a wider assemblage than ever before, Scowl beryllium astatine its crest. Since the merchandise of their archetypal self-titled EP successful 2019, the radical person garnered attraction and acclaim from those wrong the assemblage and beyond, accruing fans similar Post Malone and Travis Barker, alternate legends the band’s members grew up listening to and venerating themselves. 

For our Fall 2023 Issue, lensman Atiba Jefferson followed the set astir their beachfront hometown of Santa Cruz, the spot they recovered solace, and each other, successful the DIY scene. 

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In speech with L.S. Dunes and My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero, Scowl frontwoman Kat Moss and guitarist Malachi Greene unfastened up astir their hardcore heroes, carrying the torch for the adjacent generation, and seeing nary extremity successful sight. “Our subculture is ineffable to us,” Moss says. “I anticipation that feeling adjacent to bands and the radical playing the euphony ne'er dies due to the fact that you don’t get that with galore different scenes. Creating those bonds is specified a circumstantial happening that makes it consciousness antithetic and special, sheltered distant from wide depletion oregon the challenges of the euphony industry.” 

Preorder your transcript today, and get an exclusive vinyl variant of Scowl’s Psychic Dance Routine here.

Stay tuned this week — the Fall 2023 Issue besides comes with 3 alternate collectible covers, arsenic good arsenic stories connected Jean Dawson, Shapel Lacy and Toby Morse, Genesis Owusu, and more. 

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