Satanic Doo-Wop Act Twin Temple Announce New Album, Share “Burn Your Bible”: Stream

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Self-described “Satanic doo-wop” enactment Twin Temple person announced their sophomore album, God Is Dead, arriving October 13th. The pb azygous “Burn Your Bible” tin beryllium streamed now.

The tag “Satanic doo-wop” is beauteous spot on: Twin Temple dabble successful a blend of soul, R&B, and acheronian cabaret that’s steeped successful blasphemy.

As heard connected “Burn Your Bible,” the duo of Zachary James and Alexandra James person some the indispensable self-awareness and musicianship to propulsion of specified an act, sounding thing akin to a witchy Amy Winehouse. The lo-fi mono-channel accumulation besides adds a macabre, sepia-toned allure.

“Despite relentless decease threats and moralizing, our allegiance to Satan and the aureate oldies remains unwavering,” stated the set successful a property announcement for the LP. “God Is Dead is our astir blasphemous, horny and painstakingly period-correct enactment to date. Saturated with the humor of babies, and forged successful the ashes of burning churches, we spared nary 1 successful the making of this album. See you successful Hell!”

The grounds is acceptable to driblet conscionable aft Twin Temple’s upcoming tour supporting Danzig and Behemoth. The trek kicks disconnected August 25th successful Las Vegas and runs into the second fractional of September. You tin prime up tickets to those shows here.

Pre-order Twin Temple’s caller medium God Is Dead connected vinyl here. Below you tin watercourse the caller opus “Burn Your Bible” and spot the medium creation and tracklist.

God Is Dead Artwork:

Twin Temple God Is Dead Album Artwork

God Is Dead Tracklist:
01. Burn Your Bible
02. Fallen Angel
03. Let’s Have A Satanic Orgy
04. Two Sinners
05. Black Magick
06. Spellbreaker
07. Be a Slut (Do What You Want)
08. God Is Dead