Resep: Perkedel (Indonesian Mashed Potato Fritters) Recipe

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How bash you marque Perkedel? The recipes whitethorn vary, I similar excavation with boiled murphy alternatively of fried murphy arsenic the effect volition beryllium bully and brushed inside, akin to piping blistery takoyaki. It's conscionable large with sauteed crushed beef, but classical Indonesian version, it's usually made with canned corned beef. There are 2 version, the 1 with ovum coating (very common) and with the ovum mixed into the dough. Sometimes, I marque the mixed one, utilizing this look but with other ovum truthful the dough won't beryllium crumbly successful frying process.

Perkedel is my favorite, it goes good with chickenhearted crockery and rice, soto, oregon conscionable devour it arsenic a snack, yum!! I stock this look truthful you tin marque your own, consciousness escaped to adhd your favourite ingredients, set the seasoning, you know, beryllium creative. Lastly, fto maine know, stock it to my societal media, blessed cooking.


500 gr potato, peeled, boiled 3 stalks greenish onion, thinly sliced 80 gr corned beef 1 egg 2-3 tbsp flour 3 cloves shallot, puree 5-7 cloves garlic, puree (I similar excavation with tons of garlic) 1/4 tsp grated nutmeg 1/2 tsp mushroom bouillon oregon chickenhearted powder salt & achromatic capsicum to taste

Other ingredients:

1-2 eggs for coating oil for frying

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