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From Singapore to Jakarta, here’s Joe & Dough! If you happened to follow me on Instagram, you must know I recently update about this new place which already became my favorite in the short time because seriously they good! Well, Joe & Dough is absolutely your top of mind while looking for pastry and coffee, but beside that they also have wide variety of menu, is that good? Read this article ‘till the end!

I have to be honest that I’ve been invited to their opening, even before opening but here I will tell the truth to you for sure because after that time I come here by my own several time and they serve me constantly well. Before do some review I’m gonna tell you a little bit story about Joe & Dough itself.

Actually, I’ve tried Joe & Dough once in Singapore and I love their croissant. Joe & Dough is founded by Damien Koh and Dawn Wee in March 2009 with a simple dream to make good specialty coffee and artisanal bakes accessible to everyone. Their first outlet was at Income Raffles (formerly known as Hitachi Tower), Joe & Dough has grown steadily to 12 outlets, with 1 upcoming location at Jewel Changi Airport. 

Plaza Indonesia is Joe & Dough’s first international outpost outside of Singapore while Puri Indah Mall is Joe & Dough’s 2nd outlet in Indonesia! Anw, Joe & Dough also commissioned a notable local mural artist from Muralcon, whose works can be seen at the new Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and the giant mural at Joe & Dough’s Plaza Indonesia outlet (gonna be the hottest OOTD spot!!)  

So, let’s go with their food! 

As Joe refers to coffee and Dough refers to pastry, I’m gonna start this review from the coffee. I love coffee and I drink coffee everyday, actually coffee is a personal thing, we can’t take it generally because everyone have their own way to enjoy their coffee. Me? I like coffee with some acidity and of course no sugar, so I can enjoy the coffee-bean itself. So here I order some of coffee, actually I love their D.R Joe IDR 40.000! Basically, this is double ristretto! Ristretto is a stronger espresso, because they use less water, so it’s more dense and they use double here! Boost your day!

Beside their specialty I also try their basic latte but for me it's kinda too sweet, but again it's for me, becuae I use to drink coffee without sugar but here they add sugar their latte. What I like from this place is you can replace their basic milk into soy milk! So I order extra Hot Cappucinno with Soy Milk, this Soy Caps was amazing or if you want some new experience just go ahead with their cookie shot! Yeah they replace the cup into an edible one, cookie! give a sip and bite the cookie, next step put the marshmallow inside the coffee uhhhhhh

Beside coffee based drink they also have tea, fresh juice and some mocktails to refresh your mood! 

It's time for the dough, hmm a lil' bit confuse where do I should start because everything seems so good! but here it is!

>> Butter Croissant 

IDR 25.000

This is the OG croissant! It's buttery and flaky! Awesome! No words can explain how good is it, always served hot and every layer of this croissant taste really good and of course it's super soft inside while they're just in a perfect balance of sweetness! Perfectly served with a cup of Joe.

If you want more taste into the croissant you can try the one with meringue on top or white chocolate, you'll get extra sweetness from it! but if you ask me, I'll push you to try the original one.

>> Apple Pie Cruffin

IDR 33.000

Another invention at Joe & Dough is their cruffin! It's Croissant Muffin, for some reason I do not like muffin due to it's texture because I find muffin is kinda dry but I'm a big fan of croissant! Here I can enjoy muffin with croissant texture so it's gonna amazing and you can try Apple Pie or PB&J Cruffin (IDR 35.000) when talk about croissant, the first thing is their texture and you can't say no to this! Their apple pie is taste so good, come in perfect sweetness while they served with a slice lemon that I actually bite this to give some freshness, love! If you a big of PB&J let's go with it! Peanut Butter, Jelly and Croissant is a good combination, I don't need to explain the flavors just try by yourself!

>> Custard Brionut 

IDR 22.000

Still from their daily bakes, now I'm gonna review about their Brionut which is brioche donuts, so it's softer version of donuts with no hole in the center hahaha it's typical of American donuts which covered with sugar and cinnamon with fillings! Here you can choose Custard (IDR 22.000) or Blueberry (IDR 25.000) , actually I can't decide which one is better becaue the custard one taste simple and good while blueberry give more complexity where you can find a hit of sourness. 

That's some of the specialty daily bakes but beside that they still have many Kouign-Amann which I'm love with it! This fatty pastry comes really good here with wide variety also, I just can't resist myself to not trying it but due to my limited capacity of the tummy I choose to bring it home and you know what when I enjoy it at home it's still good thou! 

If you want the savory one you can go with their Quiche! comes with two variety, the one with broccoli and mushroom. Nothing special with this quiche but still it tastes so good! again personally  I'm not into quiche but still enjoying it! 

I haven't mention that Joe & Dough Indonesia also serve you a lot of foods! while you think their food will be just mediocre, read this honest review! Probably one of the best food in 2018 in my opinion!

>> Emping Nachos

IDR 55.000

If you come here just for chill and have some light bites, this gonna be your top of mind : Emping Nachos! They use Indonesian ingredients for their food, it's amazing! Basically this is emping chips topped with melted cheese, black olives, roasted corn, sweet relish, onions with tartar sauce and fresh salsa! I'm a big fan of emping and I just found that they're good as a nachos chip! I can't stop munching it!

>> Broccoli Fritters with Sriracha Mayo Dip

IDR 55.000

Another light bites you can enjoy here is their battered broccoli served with a spicy sriracha drip! Actually I never like while vegetables is battered and fried (except cabbage re: Kol Goreng) but here you can still the freshness of broccoli, not dry and not oily, so it's just good and dipping sauce a perfectly matched!  

>> Rendang "Coney Dog"

IDR 120.000

Here's the main dish here! Another Indonesian fusion, this is Rendang Hot Dog, yes they use gourmet chicken bratwurst topped with rendang beef bolognaise, sweet relish, melted cheese and onion served with emping chips and greens on the side! They use brioche for the bun and it's super soft and buttery! for an Indonesian like me that love strong flavor when you heard about rendang I'm expecting a very dense flavor of rendang, but here they're kinda mild but it's blended well with every ingredients here.

>> Short Ribs with Mac & Triple Cheese 

IDR 180.000

THIS IS BOMB! I don't want to explain much because you just have to try by yourself! This is 24-hours slow cooked grain-fed beef short ribs on elbow pasta tossed in secret blend of mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan and spices. They use premium US beef short ribs and sous vide them in a special marinate for 24 hours at 58 degrees Celsius. The precise temperature control and slow cooking breaks down the connective tissues of the meat and locks in all flavors for a melt-in-your-mouth tender and juicy short ribs! Their mac & cheese also rich and very cheesy, every bite is mouthgasm! Fantastic taste, one of the best dish of the year! 

Now, to end your time at Joe & Dough order their specialty cakes! if you full enough just bring it home and you can enjoy it with your family

>> Gula Melaka Pandan

IDR 65.000 

I find that Joe & Dough is really concern about Indonesian food, see this cake using pandan leaves and brown sugar! The cake was soft, airy and they taste great. The pandan leaves gives an extra aroma to gain your appetite and it looks beautiful with the color! Love it!

>> Blueberry Yoghurt Tart 

IDR 65.000

Another recommended cake is their Blueberry Yoghurt Tart! I think you'd already know what it taste from the presentation. Tart based topped with yoghurt and fresh blueberry on top, I love it! Tart usually come with sweet taste, but this one is a bit sour and fresh for sure! Fall in love at the first bite.

Actually they still have many cakes, let's say The Ultimate Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Shortcake and Sesame Butterscotch which really good too! For Puri Indah Mall outlet they have Carrot Cake! It's exclusively in Indonesia! Anyway, Joe & Dough is running an Instagram photo contest! It's really easy, you just have to take a picture at Joe & Dough installation that spread through 3 spots around Puri Indah Mall then upload it to Instagram, tag @JoeNDoughID and mention 2 accounts and put hashtag #JoeAndDoughPuriIndah !

Contest ends 31 December and 5 winners will be announced on 2nd January 2018 !

Happy trying and Stay Hungry!