Jamila Woods Unveils New Song “Boomerang”: Stream

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Jamila Woods is backmost with “Boomerang,” the 2nd azygous from her upcoming album Water Made Us. Check retired the way below.

“I deliberation you truly wanna creation with me,” Woods sings successful her caller song. With snappy percussion and thumping bass, she’s right: “Boomerang” volition marque adjacent the astir stoic of listeners motion their heads on to its rosy melody.

“I co-wrote this opus with Nao, GRADES, and George Moore connected a saccharine London time past year,” the vocalist said of the track. “It was astonishing to enactment with Nao and conscionable her longtime collaborators and consciousness the synergy that they person together. It’s a opus astir that benignant of narration that keeps popping backmost up passim your life, that magnetic attachment you person to idiosyncratic and the excitement and anxiousness that comes with wondering ‘will we oregon won’t we?'”

In keeping with its title, “Boomerang” features a euphony video that sees Woods creation successful a captivating, backwards edit. The creator explained, “The video was directed by my friends Vincent Martell and Jordan Phelps of VAM Studio. We changeable it wholly successful reverse astatine the Chicago Magic Lounge, which is known for its portals and hidden rooms. The unthinkable burlesque creator Po Chop directed the question and helped maine larn each the choreo forwards and backwards, rather literally.”

Woods’ 3rd LP Water Made Us is retired October 13th via Jagjaguwar, and pre-orders are ongoing. It features the erstwhile azygous “Tiny Garden” and follows the artist’s 2019 release LEGACY! LEGACY!, 1 of the best records of the year.