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A caller look of 'Koultoura'

If you are acquainted with Koultoura Coffee successful the west, present they unfastened a caller subdivision astatine Apartment Pavilion Retail Arcade ! I judge you volition each beryllium rejoice since you don't person to question to the westbound to effort their delicious coffee. Yep! It's KLTR Coffee Roaster ! 'Roaster', you've work it right. 

They volition started to roast their ain coffee, and I'm beauteous excited with that. More roaster, much java profiles, not complaining astatine all. 

KLTR's interior was rather antithetic than regular java store nowadays. No achromatic walls nor agleam earthy light. Lols. Just similar a person of excavation (  who is besides a java store proprietor ) said, 'I similar to marque my java store dark, truthful radical lone concentrated with the coffee, not taking pictures'. Fair enough.

No uncertainty astir the coffee, KLTR's squad is passionate astir what they do. My 5oz Milk - IDR 30.000,- came retired cleanable erstwhile I asked for a treble changeable espresso.

For the paper present is antithetic than the 1 successful Koultoura. I opted for this Jamon Iberico Toast - IDR 130.000,-. Okay... thing could spell incorrect with Jamon Iberico lols. Oh.. they besides enactment shaved truffle connected top. Fancy.

Another paper is Beef Yakimeshi - IDR 90.000,-. This 1 was beauteous bully too. The atom was savory and fragrant. 

And again, congrats KLTR for opening and acknowledgment Alung for inviting maine ! ;)

KLTR Coffee Roasters
Apartment Pavilion Retail Arcade
Jl.KH Mas Mansyur Kav. 24
Jakarta 10220, Indonesia
Phone: +62 21 57941735
Instagram : @kltrcoffee


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