Jakarta : Flower Buttercream Class with Sweet Troops Baking Studio

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Wanna larn caller skills successful baking ? Join their classes !

Last mates of days I'm joining a amusive people with Sweet Troops Baking Studio, Sugarbites The Bakery, Senayan City and Guten Braun. Sweet Troops is simply a baking workplace successful Simprug that accommodate assorted baking classes from beginner to advance. The tutor is besides alteration from Local to International ! 

That clip I'm joining their 'pop-up' people successful Senayan City. Emma Reyna from Sugarbites Bakery is teaching america however to marque angiosperm utilizing Swiss Meringue Buttercream, that you tin usually usage for decorating cakes oregon cupcakes. Emma started Sugarbites since 2011, and angiosperm buttercream cakes is decidedly her forte. 

Emma is decidedly a large teacher ! She's precise lukewarm and supportive, and she's giving the instructions precise wide arsenic well. We learned 2 types of angiosperm buttercream, and we made it lone successful 2 hours ! 

It is my precise archetypal clip making this angiosperm buttercream! It is simply a spot tricky though if you not acquainted with the piping tips. But you'll get determination if you did many-many much signifier ! Practice ever makes perfect, isn't it? 

The instrumentality we utilized are provided by Guten Braun, a baking store successful KH Hasyim Ashari. I americium soooooooo blessed erstwhile I received the goody bags which includes the piping tips for making angiosperm buttercream! Yay ! I tin signifier immoderate much astatine home!!

I'm really-really had amusive astatine the class, and decidedly adding up my accomplishment successful baking. If you are looking for improving your accomplishment successful baking, you decidedly should cheque Sweet Troops's Baking Classes ! Last words, convey you Sweet Troops Baking Studio, Sugarbites The Bakery, Senayan City and Guten Braun for having maine !

Sweet Troops Baking Studio
Jl. Teuku Nyak Arief, Blok G No.16,
Simprug, Jakarta
Phone : +6285945912722
Sweet Troops Instagram : @SweetTroops_bakingstudio
Sugarbites Instagram : @SugarbitesTheBakery
Senayan City Instagram: @SenayanCity
Guten Braun Instagram : @GutenBraun


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