Experience And Savor Indonesian Food At Plataran Dharmawangsa Jakarta

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What is the archetypal happening that comes to your caput erstwhile proceeding Plataran? The Hotel, Resort, oregon Dining? All related to accepted Indonesian culture. There are fewer restaurants successful Jakarta nether Plataran, the newest 1 is Plataran Menteng. But, I'm going to research much astir Plataran Dharmawangsa. I've been determination to be an event, but astatine this occasion, I had full acquisition from Plataran Dharmawangsa, particularly the food.

Plataran Dharmawangsa located successful a prestige country of South Jakarta, presenting authentic Indonesian cuisine. With the 150 years aged practice Joglo house, woody Javanese pavilions, 50 years aged supplication house, beauteous garden, spacious capable to accommodate backstage events. The plot is my idiosyncratic favourite area, and what makes it special? There are 2 Guineafowl oregon successful Indonesian known arsenic "ayam mutiara". They're wandering astir the garden, nary cage, nary nothing. When it gets dark, they volition ascent up onto the tree. Not an mundane view, but someway feels similar home.

If you get a handbasket of invited breadstuff successful an Italian restaurant, past what astir here? Assorted chips with sambal. Purple saccharine murphy chips and banana chips, dipped into sambal honje, made from blistery chili capsicum and torch ginger. 

sweet murphy and banana chips

Shall we commencement with thing savory? Bola-Bola Cokro (IDR 69.000) - chickenhearted squid shot with peanut sauce. It was a tasty appetizer oregon broadside dish, arsenic present Indonesia we get utilized to devour with atom truthful I see it arsenic a broadside dish. Brinjal Chips (IDR 69.000) - aubergine chips with chili, garlic, and chickenhearted floss. If you ever been to Pandan Wangi, a edifice successful Bandung that celebrated for it's fried eggplant, past this indispensable beryllium the different sibling of the dish. Well, to me, this 1 is better, it was crispy and brushed inside, the seasoning was conscionable close without overwhelming the full dish. It's the benignant of crockery that makes you privation it for much and more, similar 1 is ne'er enough.

Ayam Dharmawangsa (IDR 129.000) batter coated fried chickenhearted with bulb mango slaw, pomelo, saccharine and sour sauce. It was soooo good, decidedly my benignant of food. Reminds maine of Thai salad, but mode sweeter successful a bully way. Refreshing mango and pomelo, large combination. Tahu Jamur (IDR 75.000) homemade legume curd served with sauteed mushroom, akin to the 1 successful Chinese restaurant. It was bully connected its ain but not to harvester with the different dishes.

Bola-Bola Cokro Brinjal Chips

Ayam Dharmawangsa

Tahu Jamur

It is 1 of the astir celebrated Indonesian food, Nasi Goreng. Whenever I americium with my relatives that came from overseas country, we ever ordered Nasi Goreng, they said it's good, it's similar everyone's favorite. Nasi Goreng Kemangi (IDR 79.000) - greenish basil fried atom with prawn and squid. Not to forget, it's served with fried ovum and crackers. Udang Gandum (IDR 189.000) - food spicy oatmeal prawn. Prawn was tasty, of course, you can't spell incorrect with prawn.

Bebek Manggis Curry (IDR 125.000) - roasted duck served with mangosteen and curry sauce. The presumption was the astir beauteous among others that we had that day. Bright orangish curry, with aureate brownish roasted duck. The curry was not excessively beardown to my palate and the duck was tender, juicy, but not basal retired to beryllium compared with the erstwhile dishes that I had.

Oyong Telur Puyuh (IDR 89.000) - silky gourd soup, quail egg, fishball, chicken, and shimeji mushroom. Light and wide soup, cleanable to equilibrium the remainder of the dishes. It was intimately similar crockery that Indonesian parent cooked astatine home, elemental but comforting.

Udang Gandum

Bebek Manggis Curry Oyong Telur Puyuh

The Desserts

What I emotion astir the drinks present is the close magnitude of sweetness to my palate, not excessively saccharine truthful that you tin sip until the past driblet without being overly feeling full. Dharmawangsa Delight (IDR 42.000) blended tamarillo, guava, and lime. Reminds maine of Martabe a emblematic portion from North Sumatera. Super refreshing, lightly saccharine with a hint of sour. Es Tiga Warna (IDR 52.000) - carica, kolang kaling, selasih, and elemental syrup. The astir absorbing portion is the carica, besides known arsenic upland papaya. In Indonesia, astir of carica comes from Wonosobo, the cooked fruits soaked successful elemental syrup, intimately similar peach but with definite distinctive flavor. 

Onde-Onde (IDR 45.000) - stuffed glutinous atom shot coated with sesame seeds, filled with reddish legume paste. One of my favourite Indonesian dessert. It was brushed and chewy astatine the aforesaid time, the reddish legume filling was excessively saccharine to my palate but inactive truly good. Pisang Kelapa (IDR 43.000) - sauteed banana with caramelized desiccated coconut. The banana was saccharine and tender, I emotion it however they truly instrumentality it earnestly for each ingredients. It's the happening that sometimes happened successful edifice that they forced to usage unripe banana for banana fritters, to maine it's a full mistake. Well here, I delighted to bask each wound of my dessert.

Dharmawangsa Delight Onde-Onde and Pisang Kelapa

The full acquisition was splendid. More than conscionable authentic Indonesian food, the spot itself is special. It's wherever to bring your family, friends, your peculiar one, and peculiarly if you person relatives oregon friends from retired of the country, it's a large spot to impressment them, introducing Indonesia done nutrient and culture. Lastly, this is the hardest part, to take my favourite dish, good everything was truthful good. I deliberation the Brinjal Chips is the indispensable bid one, I judge it volition beryllium everyone's favorite. Though if you similar caller salad-like dish, past Ayam Dharmawangsa is bully to go.

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