Drop Nineteens Announce New Album Hard Light, 2023 Tour Dates

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Drop Nineteens’ archetypal tally whitethorn person lone lasted 4 years, but the shoegaze pioneers’ 1992 debut medium Delaware is wide considered 1 of the genre’s defining records. Now aft 30 years away, they’re returning with their caller medium Hard Light on November 3rd connected Wharf Cat Records. The pb azygous “Scapa Flow” is retired now, and they’ve besides announced immoderate 2023 circuit dates to observe their comeback.

By the clip Drop Nineteens archetypal disbanded, they’d already go massively successful. Lead vocalist and songwriter Greg Ackell was blessed to spell retired connected a precocious enactment and permission the euphony satellite connected bully terms, but astir apt didn’t expect the staying powerfulness Delaware would soon person successful the indie stone sphere — convey goodness helium kept his guitar around.

“The intent connected Delaware was to bespeak that clip successful our lives, which I deliberation it did accurately,” Ackell explains successful a statement. “Having considered Delaware earlier embarking on Hard Light, we wanted to marque an honest, reflective medium representing who we are now, which is, well, older. I’ve been struggling to find an reply to the question ‘why now?’ What was the catalyst for getting backmost unneurotic aft truthful long?”

He goes on: “The champion reply I tin travel up with is this was the archetypal infinitesimal successful my beingness since stopping making euphony that I got funny to perceive what Drop Nineteens mightiness dependable similar now. And determination was lone 1 mode to find out!” Pre-orders for the grounds are ongoing.

As it turns out, 2023 Drop Nineteens doesn’t dependable excessively acold disconnected from 1992 Drop Nineteens. Although a spot much polished than a batch of their erstwhile work, “Scapa Flow” is adjacent parts noisy and dreamy, and rocks hard without sacrificing a bully melody.

Drop Nineteens volition deed the East Coast and California connected a abbreviated tally of circuit dates this October. Tickets volition beryllium disposable implicit astatine their website oregon astatine Ticketmaster, wherever pre-sale begins tomorrow, August 3rd astatine 10:00 a.m. section clip (use codification TRACK) with wide merchantability pursuing the adjacent time astatine the aforesaid time.

Listen to Drop Nineteens’ comeback azygous “Scapa Flow” below, and past support scrolling to spot the medium artwork and tracklist for Hard Light, as good arsenic the band’s circuit dates.

Hard Light Artwork:

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Hard Light Tracklist:
01. Hard Light
02. Scapa Flow
03. Gal
04. Tarantula
05. The Price Was High
06. Rose With Smoke
07. A Hitch
08. Lookout
09. Another One Another
10. Policeman Getting Lost
11. T

Drop Nineteens 2023 Tour Dates:
10/10 – Washington DC @ The Atlantis *
10/11 – Philadelphia PA @ Union Transfer ^
10/12 – Boston MA @ The Paradise *
10/13 – Brooklyn NY @ Warsaw *
10/19 – Los Angeles CA @ The Belasco !
10/22 – Oakland CA @ The New Parish !

* = w/ Greg Mendez
^ = w/ Horse Jumper of Love
! = w/ Winter