[CLOSED] Jakarta : BAKE Cheese Tart Indonesia

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Are you acceptable for food tart-craze ??

The archetypal clip I tried this food tart was really a twelvemonth agone erstwhile a person of excavation hand-carried it from Singapore. And I'm successful emotion with this food tart since past ! I've heard that the queue is crazyyyy successful Singapore and there's a maximum acquisition of 2 boxes lone per person. But yes, don't interest people, due to the fact that they volition unfastened a caller subdivision successful Jakarta excessively ! Woop woop !

Shuhei Nishio

Two days agone I'm attending their Press Conference successful Grand Indonesia. The lawsuit was big by Ucita Pohan, besides a welcoming code by Raymond Umbara, Director of BAKE Cheese Tart Indonesia. Shuhei Nishio, Representative Director & Group CEO of Bake Inc, Japan and besides James Koo giving america the presumption of BAKE past and ingredients. 

James Koo, Raymond Umbara, Kevindra Soemantri, Ucita Pohan

Since 2014, BAKE already deed 35million food tart per year, and Jakarta is the 41st subdivision of BAKE Cheese Tart ! The prime of the ingredients is what makes BAKE Cheese Tart antithetic from the others. They usage 4 benignant of food from Japan and France, and they besides 'double baked' the tart !  The accumulation is inactive primitively from Japan, and they volition decorativeness it connected each store. So the prime and freshness are the aforesaid connected each branches! 

Ucita Pohan, Astrid Satwika, Ayu Gani, Rio Dewanto

And yep, it's existent ! The clip I got to sensation the BAKE food tart present successful Jakarta, the spirit was the aforesaid with what I've had earlier ! So that is thing that I'm blessed about. The food mousse successful the mediate is saccharine but savory astatine the aforesaid time. There's a spot acidity successful determination that rather reminds maine of sour pick oregon yogurt. So it's decidedly creamy, but not excessively heavy! The pastry crust besides a spot 'crunchy', truthful it gives a bully equilibrium texture to it. Love loveee !!!

BAKE Cheese Tart Indonesia volition beryllium unfastened this 7th October 2017, located connected West Mall, LG Floor, Grand Indonesia. The terms volition beryllium IDR 29.000,-/each oregon IDR 165.000,-/1/2 dozen. Only maximum 12 pieces per idiosyncratic !

And oh, they volition besides giveaway immoderate FREE food tart, truthful marque definite you are pursuing their Instagram @BakeCheeseTart_ID for much info !


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