Chocolate Marie Biscuits Pudding

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This cocoa pudding is conscionable sooo good, silky smooth, conscionable marque definite to get a bully prime cocoa powder. You tin besides usage your favourite cocoa portion pulverization but you surely privation to set the sweetener measurement.

Instead of adding Marie Biscuits connected top, I tried to enactment the marie biscuits crumbs into the vla mixture. Well, of people I besides added an other biscuit connected top. I support this look eggless but if you're into affluent condiment past adhd an ovum yolk into the vla and adhd immoderate vanilla oregon rhum, though it's optional.


Chocolate Silky Pudding:

550 ml milk 50 gr sugar 40 gr cocoa pulverization (unsweetened) 1/2 tsp jelly powder 1/2 tsp agar powder

Marie Biscuits Vla:

300 ml milk 1 tbsp maize starch 20 gr sugar 5 pieces Marie Biscuits 1 tsp vanilla extract oregon rhum for flavor a pinch of salt

Follow the directions successful video

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