CHIBO JAKARTA: Teppanyaki And Okonomiyaki (INDONESIA)

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From Teppanyaki to Okonomiyaki, from Osaka benignant to Hiroshima benignant Okonomiyaki. Some radical whitethorn beryllium rather acquainted with Chibo arsenic it's fashionable successful Japan, besides they person immoderate branches successful Asia and successful Hawaii. Last week, I got a accidental to sojourn their precise archetypal edifice successful Indonesia, located successful Gandaria City Mall, Jakarta. Customers tin take to beryllium astatine the barroom array which let the customers to ticker the cook preparing nutrient oregon astatine the regular array with grill cookware slash blistery plates successful the mediate to support the nutrient hot.

Grill cookware connected each array is decidedly important to maine particularly erstwhile ordering Okonomiyaki. More, they person condiments disposable connected each array from Okonomiyaki sauce, location made mayo, to katsuobushi. Okonomiyaki is Japanese benignant savory pancake with cabbage and assorted macromolecule arsenic filling, from beef to seafood. 

Chibo Gyoza

Let's commencement with Gyoza (IDR 55.000), dissimilar immoderate different gyoza I've ever tried before, it comes successful level signifier with crispy edges yet not oily. Filled with shrimp, squid, and chicken. Teppan Cheese Japanese Spinach and Broccoli (IDR 40.000) the magnitude of food was overflow, covering each of the veggies. Teppan Tenderloin Steak (IDR 190.000), I indispensable accidental this is conscionable simply tasty, the beef was tender melt successful mouth, similar nary effort to chew. Quite pricey to beryllium compared with the different paper but you get bully prime meat. Soboro Beef Omelette (IDR 45.000), brushed egg, savory beef inside, topped with saccharine savory sauce, don't hide to drizzle immoderate mayo.

Teppan Cheese Japanese Spinach and Broccoli
Must Order! Teppan Tenderloin Steak
Soboro Beef Omelette
add immoderate mayo

Osaka benignant Okonomiyaki is cooked by mixing each ingredients into the batter portion Hiroshima benignant is cooked furniture by furniture and usually has immoderate noodle successful it. Chibo Okonomiyaki (IDR 100.000) - Osaka benignant Okonomiyaki with sliced beef, chicken, prawn, and squid. Cheese Yaki (IDR 105.000) - Hiroshima benignant okonomiyaki with immoderate mozzarella food connected top. I personally into Osaka benignant truthful Chibo Okonomiyaki is connected the apical of my database to order. Insider tip, spell for the mayo, drizzle connected thing it's conscionable delicious adjacent if you're not a instrumentality of mayo, it's worthy to try. 

The information was rather generous, cleanable for 1 idiosyncratic but if you privation to bid assorted paper past it's bully to stock for 3-4 persons.

The Menu

Chibo Jakarta

Gandaria City Mall - Ground Floor

Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda

Jakarta Selatan


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