Behind the scenes of Squid Pisser’s sweaty LA set

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Last week astatine Los Angeles' Teragram Ballroom, Angelenos got their alternate hole met astatine Penniback Records' Summer Mass.

With a headlining acceptable from Siiickbrain, and a lineup featuring the likes of deathbyromy, Kent Osbourne, and Izzy Spears, it was a fixed that the assemblage would either get yelled at, oregon spit on, oregon both. For anyone who'd bought 1 of the sold-out tickets that night, they surely welcomed that experience.

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But for lensman Sarah Pardini, 1 acceptable successful peculiar stood retired — the sweating and thrashing, afloat masked, Squid Pisser — the LA-based hardcore duo comprised of Tommy Meehan (Deaf Club, Cancer Christ) and Starcrawler's Seth Carolina. She took AP with her pursuing the anarchistic and amphibian-like boys backstage.

Check retired Pardini's photograph diary beneath — and perceive to Squid Pisser's chaotic, unruly, and addictive debut album, My Tadpole Legion, here.